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Addendum to Day 111: GO Hood to Coasters! AND....Super BP!!

I just got back from the trail.  Major attitude adjustment! I took Honey, my daughter's dog. She is still learning to walk politely on a leash, so it was a bit of a workout. Especially since today was the Hood-to-Coast run and we encountered hundred's of people on the Springwater Trail!

But there was such positive energy in the air. Two ladies were stationed at the corner of SE Foster and about SE 106th, making sure runners crossed the road safely. They cooed and awed and petted Honey which made her very happy.

When we got back, I headed into the garage to forage around through my music. I am planning my next concert. Also wanted to find some music for students. And lo and behold, I found my old blood pressure machine.  So I drank a big glass of water and sat down and put on the cuff. I took three measurements to be accurate.  They were all similar:  98/78 with a pulse of 67. My weight this morning was 193 pounds.

Then in the same box as the machine, I found a blood pressure screening record.  It was taken by a community health nurse at a church where I played the piano a few years back. The date was 04/22/12.  My blood pressure that day was 146/86.  She circled Hypertension Stage 1 and suggested I see my healthcare provider!

Embarrassingly enough, I don't think I ever did follow up.

But three years later, what a difference! I checked my weightcommander site for that date.  On 08/27/12, almost exactly 3 years ago I weighed 225 pounds.

Ok. So my grumpiness has subsided. Because I do see immense progress!!

I have lost 32 pounds in 3 years.  And my blood pressure has dropped from 146/86 to 09/78.

All without meds.  Just good old fashioned exercise and moderate eating. Plus removing gluten which has produced the most substantial BP drop.

So my plan is to continue what I am doing. In order to go to the next level of health and happiness, I plan on adjusting my sleep schedule.  I will try to lie down to sleep every night at 11 p.m. and rise at 7 a.m.

I found an article about how to get up earlier.
They list three steps for getting out of bed earlier.  I especially like number 2: "Jump out of bed. Yes, jump out of bed. With enthusiasm. Jump up and spread your arms wide as if to say, “Yes! I am alive! Ready to tackle the day with open arms and the gusto of a driven maniac.” Seriously, it works."

I will let you know how this works for me. I can relate to the maniac, but not so sure about the jumping out of bed with enthusiasm! lol

I am going to attempt to remove cheese, at least for the next week to see if there is a difference.  I honestly don't know if I could live my life without cheese!  I may have to have piece of chocolate to comfort myself. But wait. Studies show that chocolate is actually good for you!

Anyway, just had to blog about my success. I am officially cheered up!



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