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Day 113: Say Hello to My Little Friend!

My New Little Friend:  The Makala Pineapple-Style Soprano Ukulele

 Today I had a real live day off!

I really should do this more often.  I started the day by downloading some new books to my Kindle. I enjoyed last night's book so much, I purchased another by the same other. It's called What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. I am already hooked!

My newest escape!

I also went to church and the grocery store.  I'm feeling really solid about my eating.  I bought some chicken and made a recipe from my Wheat Belly cookbook: "Pecan-crusted chicken".  I also made majadarrah in the crockpot. Majadarrah is a Lebanese dish I love. I discovered Lebanese food when I was 21 years-old, working for the Forest Service Information office downtown Portland. Abou Karim was just up the street and became my favorite lunch spot!

I spent two years as a vegetarian, so I became quite efficient at making majadarrah. But I must say, today was about the best!  I slow cooked lentils with cumin, a touch of cinnamon and turmeric.  When they were soft, I added cooked brown rice. Then I sauteed an onion with some minced garlic in olive oil until the onions were a rich brown color. I added this to the slow cooker with pepper and salt. Divine!

I also made a cucumber salad, with an olive oil/lemon/garlic/minced green onion vinegraitte.

My son and I ate together.  He had seconds. While we ate dinner, I froze two containers of yogurt. Mango for him and coffee for me. That was our dessert.

My son drove me up to Portland Music after dinner.  I needed to buy some sheet music for my students. For years, I would frequent the Portland Music store on SE Powell and 12th.  But then they closed down and merged with the store on MLK. I ended up doing most of my shopping online after that. I don't get down to MLK often. I ride the bus and there is really nothing in that neighborhood that warrant a trip.

I used to love shopping for music in music stores.  When I was young, I'd go with my dad downtown to Wiscarson's Music.  It was near the Central Library.  I was a shy little kid. So wandering around, peeking at piano scores was a nice way to pass an afternoon. Almost as good as the library. But I never remember it being much of a bonding activity with my dad. He would look at music. I would look at music. I don't remember us talking.

Wiscarson's went out of business years ago.  When I started teaching piano, I spent many hours lurking around Day Music.  I spent many a dollar there too! I was really sad when they closed.  It was the end of an era!  The internet really ate up little family music stores.

I feel silly that I didn't realize there was a Portland Music on SE Division near 122nd. I just stumbled upon it a few weeks ago when I walked past on  my way to my church interview.  I figured it was just musical intruments - guitars, electric keyboards and such. It was just a small, older looking store front. But lo and behold, a little sign in the window boldly proclaimed "Sheet Music"!

I went in to see what they had. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had quite a few of the books I preferred for my students. But better still, they had ukuleles!

I have been considering taking up the ukulele after a few of my students have told me what an easy instrument it is to learn. I played a bit of classical guitar back in college, but struggled because my small hands could barely fit around the neck. Not so with the ukulele! It only has 4 strings and a very narrow neck!

One unique looking uke caught my eye. Dark wood and a different shape than the others. The clerk said it was a "pineapple style ukulele" popular in Hawaii. $50 and they tossed in a free instruction book. Fun!

 You know, it occurred to me just now that I am on my way to kicking my food addiction.  And now that I am not constantly thinking about food, (and eating food, and regretting what I ate), I have time for other, more healthy life pursuits.
Like learning to play the pineapple ukulele! (LOL! Of course, it would have a FOOD name!)

Tomorrow is weight, measurements, and BP day.  AND I plan on going to the gym.  I need to get a good work out in.  There I put it in writing. It shall be done!

AND I just found out my childhood friend, Sandra is in town and we are going to lunch tomorrow! YAY!! :)  My daughter is out hunting with her husband, so I missed Bloody Mary Sunday today. Perhaps I will have to make it Bloody Mary Monday tomorrow?

Happy Sunday!


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