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Day 164: In Praise of a Good Book

Yesterday was such a good day!  I had one student cancel, so I had plenty of space to walk and breathe and just BE between lessons. I walked past a little neighborhood book share and picked up a fun, fast paced suspense novel called Missing Persons by Stephen White.  The author is a clinical psychologist. Great psychological jargon and depth of characters. Great escape!

I love the little book shares. I walk by at least one on each route! I sometimes just browse, sometimes borrow and sometimes leave a book to share. Love it!

Speaking of sharing, I just went through an online training to be a listener on 7 cups of tea.

I'm really excited about this. Sometimes we all just need someone to listen to us. And I am happy to find a place where I can give back!

I just made breakfast for my son and I.We have a nice ritual of breakfast together on his days off and then he drives me to the neighborhood I am teaching in.  Gives us time to connect and shortens my commute.  Yesterday I was able to make breakfast for my daughter and her husband too. But since he was at work, we made him a little breakfast "to-go" container. I even included a sprig of parsley as a garnish!  

I am continually working on the balance between spending time with family, work and me time. I seem to need a lot of me time, but I think it pays off with making a kinder, more compassionate person who others enjoy being around. If I skimp on the me time, it is best to not subject others to my gumpy, irritable self!

Now I am heading out to the trail. It is a nice, overcast, drizzly Portland day - my favorite kind of day!

I have been sleeping in again.  But for now I am not going to feel guilty. I did make a doctor's appointment for this Thursday.  I haven't had a check up in a few years. I think I"ll address my sleep pattern.  And my TMJ.  I've actually been having a lot of jaw pain lately.  Especially by the end of the day. I feel like my jaw is in a vice.  Probably need to cut back on the caffeine.  But honestly, I think the dentist will be my next stop. 


But for now, the trail. I had another student cancel because of an out of town trip. So, I think I"ll bring my book along with me.  I always have my Kindle e-reader. But actually holding a paperback book, a book ENTITY, brings me such peace and joy. I can't hardly contain myself!

Happy Tuesday! :) 


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