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Day 169: "The Listener's Secret"

"The Listener's Secret"

"Listening unlocks love.

Listening is how we care for and love others and, in turn, experience greater care and love in our own lives. It’s amazing how it works, the more you love, the more love you experience.

Showing compassion to others also teaches you self-compassion. When you care for someone else, you’ll find yourself thinking, ‘Wait a second, I just showed that person a lot of love and compassion, I’m going to show myself that same level of love and compassion.” This is known as the “Helper’s High.” Listening is a simple and powerful way to bring compassion to the world and to ourselves. It is one of life’s beautiful mysteries. "

I received this in my email this morning.  It really put a positive spin on my day. And I am experiencing this "helper's high". I have noticed that my own depression is diminished if I can reach out beyond myself and help someone else.

I am really enjoying being an active listener on 7 cups of tea.  I look forward to listening to people every night. 

I think it is helping me in my real life too.  Especially with my family. I have not been the best active listener with my family members. I tend to lecture and dole out advice.  

I'm beginning to see how that is not so helpful!

I am a work in progress.

Speaking of which: I am pleased to report that I WENT TO THE GYM TODAY (Caps employed on purpose for emphasis!)


It was a lovely overcast day today. A lot of rain.  I LOVE the rain. I have missed slate gray skies and constant drizzle. Call me weird. It's ok!  I just find that my mind is more alert and I feel energized on overcast, rainy days.  

I found that it was not difficult at all to find a window in my schedule to make it to the gym.  I went through my schedule and found more windows. Since it has gotten colder and wetter, I probably won't be walking the trail much for awhile.

A good day overall.

Happy Sunday! :) 


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