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Year Three, Day 49: Coffee with Snoopy

Today is Day 15 of my daily hooping. I was brave and wore my Snoopy shirt. I ordered it on It fits a bit too snug and shows off my menopot, but I LOVE Snoopy! In fact I think at this point in  my life I identify more with him then my previous alter ego: Eeyore!


Speaking of which, embarrassingly enough on Facebook memories this morning, my post from June 30, 2015 came up. With the title of "Homestasis".  I honestly did not remember this post, because on June 23, 2017  I posted "Take That Homeostasis!"

Here are the two posts, if you wish to compare them:

The interesting thing,  is that I took my stats on both days. Most likely I used the word "Homeostasis" because of my frustration with how hard my body works to maintain the shape of an APPLE!


And here we are on Friday, my newly designated stats day.

Today, however I changed things up a bit. I went to the track with my hoop and found a lovely tree, with a post conveniently situated nearby for me to put my cell phone on to record!

Then I walked a lap, and sat and prayed and journaled and enjoyed the moment.

Then I walked home, got on my bike and rode 3/4 miles to the Wichita Pub for breakfast!  I had not been on my bike in a very long time.  It felt so good! The wind in my hair, the speed at which I traveled, even the burning sensation in my quads that told me I was getting a workout!

At breakfast, I changed things up even more. I am thinking about my diet, and my menopot.  Yes, I gave up gluten. Yes, I am TRYING to avoid fried foods (my weakness!). But I think in reducing carbs, I have been eating too much meat. So this morning's breakfast consisted of three eggs, hashbrowns, sliced tomatoes and black coffee.  NO BACON! NO SAUSAGE!!

I didn't miss the meat.

I didn't even put ketchup on my potatoes because there is sugar in ketchup. Instead, I cut my tomatoes and mixed them with the potatoes and some tabasco sauce. Tasty!

That is my new plan, bike to coffee several days a week, and one day of breakfast.  Reduce meat and stay away from fried foods, gluten, and reduce dairy (except for yogurt and goat cheese). As usual, increase veggies, fruit and water. Oh, and no added sugar!

I used to say the mantra: No wheat, no meat, no sweet!  That was when I was attempting to live a vegan lifestyle.  But I failed. Because in not eating meat, I went to heavy on the carbs. And I was not successful in giving up gluten at that point.

Now I am!  SO:

On that note here are today's stats:

Friday Stats
June 30, 2017

Mood:  7 (On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being depressed, 10 being ecstatic!)
Weight: 187
Chest: 40"
Waist: 36"
Hips: 42"
Thighs: 22"
Calves: 15"
Biceps: 13"
Ankles: 8"

Compared to last Friday:
June 23, 2017
10:00 a.m. Mood: 6
(On a scale of 1-10, 1 being severely depressed, 10 being ecstatic)
 Weight: 188 pounds
Chest:   40"
Waist:    36"
Hips:      42"
Thighs:   22"

Biceps: 13"
Calves:   15"
Ankles:   8"

Essentially the same. Except I have lost one pound and I am a bit more cheerful today!

Compare these stats to 6/30/2015:

Stats 06/30/2015

Weight:  198
Chest: 43"
Waist: 40"
Hips: 46"
Thighs:  23"
Biceps:  15"

So the weight is going down SLLLLOWWWLY!

But the inches lost are fairly significant!

I'm hoping with decreasing meat, I can kick homeostasis in the butt!!

And now, my friends I wish you a wonderful Friday full of joy, laughter and movement!
Talk to you tomorrow!
Lots of Love,

Zita :) 

Coffee with Snoopy


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