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Year Three, Day 44: The Priest Wore Sunglasses

Day 10 of daily hooping! I am definitely noticing a difference!

I only did about 400 rotations plus stretching this morning. I plan on going to the gym and working out with weights after church.

It is going to be a scorcher today. The forecast is 99°...aka hotter than Hades!

It is currently about 10:45 a.m.

I am having my passion fruit iced tea at Starbucks. I decided I need a leisurely Sunday. Instead of hurrying to make a 10:00 a.m. service, I am taking my time and going to 12:00 noon Mass at The Grotto.

I am feeling my Catholic roots calling me. I am craving reverence, ritual, peace and solitude. I believe I will find it at the Grotto. Plus, it is nice and cool in the shade of the old growth trees.

I will blog about it later.


4:09 p.m. I am at my library office. It is so nice and cool in here.  It is blazing hot outside!

I went to Mass at the Grotto. It was lovely!  It was held outside. The priest was wearing sunglasses!

Even with the surrounding trees, the sun was beating down.  But the Mass went on!  Lovely music. We ended with "How Can I Keep From Singing", (attributed to Robert Lowry, 1826-1899). Here is verse one and the refrain:

" My life flows on in endless song;
Above earth's lamentation.
I hear the real though far off hymn
That hails a new creation.

No storm can shake my inmost calm,
While to the rock I'm clinging,
Since Love is Lord of heaven and earth,
How can I keep from singing?"

I felt like I had come home.  I love the Grotto.  I love the Mass, the music, the prayers, the "passing of the peace". 
I wish I could could go to a different church everyday. I love the different styles of worship. But Catholic Mass fulfills something very deep inside.  And the humility appeals to my soul.  Perhaps I will attend Mass at the Grotto during the summer months. I love worshiping God outside, amidst the trees, the gentle breeze, and the sound of the birds singing!  I had a moment where I wondered if this was what it was like for the early church. At the very beginning of Christianity.  

So lovely!

After Mass, I was planning on taking the elevator to the upper gardens of the Grotto and walking amidst the trees and statues, pausing to read and pray in the observation room.  But it was so hot.

And I was so hungry!

So I head to "Namaste" across the street for a lovely Indian buffet.  Only $10, and I did behave myself! I ate mostly veggies, some lentils, tandoori chicken, chutney, fruit, rice and a bit of rice pudding. 

Namaste Indian Buffet Restaurant, NE Sandy Blvd and NE 82nd

I drank a whole pitcher of water.  I did my reading, prayer and study at the restaurant. I will go back to the Grotto another day.

I think it would be good for me to make the 10:00 a.m. Mass if I am up to it.  

After the library, I may have to get another iced tea. There is a Starbucks within walking distance of this library.  How convenient!

Then it is off to the gym. I plan on doing back and biceps work with weights. And a dip in the pool.

I am feeling the need to spend some time on my piano.  Yesterday, after my last student, I sat down and played all the pieces I could remember. I have always struggled with playing from memory. It may be nerves. Or negative thinking. I've always told myself and others that I am not good at playing by memory.

I excel at sightreading.  That might be the problem.  Not that excelling at anything is a problem, but it is so easy for me to whip out a piece of sheet music and go on autopilot.  Memory work is difficult for me.

But yesterday, I was in my zone! I played for about an hour. Without the sheet music!

My brain seems quite clear this week.  I want to take advantage of it and get some good practice in tonight.

I am most excited right now. I had put a dvd and a book on hold at the library. And they were waiting for me on the shelves. In staying with my newest tv series addiction ("Homeland"), I am checking out the book Homeland, Carrie's Run, by Andrew Kaplan. It is based on the series. But what I am even more excited about is the dvd: "Prisoner's of War". It is an Israeli television show in Hebrew with English subtitles. Apparently it was the show that Homeland was based on!

I am so thankful that the house where I rent a room has a powerful AC system. I am thinking the perfect end to this weekend would be to relax watch my new dvd, while reading my book and knitting a baby blanket for my grandbaby.  Pausing for piano practice and sipping iced tea.

You see, it made it to 100!


On that note, I wish you a happy Sunday evening!  Stay cool!

Talk to you tomorrow.



After a wonderful lunch at Namaste!


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