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Year Three, Day 48: "Take it Easy"

Today is 14 days of hooping everyday!  So, to celebrate, I recorded myself hooping to the entire song, "Take it Easy", by the Eagles.

I was brave and wore a shirt that does not cover my 'menopot' belly!  So you can see, I still have much work to do!

But my hoop skills are slowly improving!

I like progress!

My daughter surprised me last night. She called and told me to wake up early - we were going to breakfast! It was the incentive I needed to drag my weary self out of bed at 6:30 a.m.!!

We met at the Wichita Pub and then we went for a walk on the running track.  Most pleasant!!

Well, er except for the part where she was supposed to record a video of me hooping under my favorite tree in my new top!

That just arrived in the mail!

I bought it through 'GreaterGood: A portion of the proceeds go to really wonderful causes!!

 I like wonderful causes!

Anyway, we tried maybe 10 takes, but could get past the first few seconds without her cracking up. We had some good laughs. But with her being 29 weeks pregnant, big belly laughs result in looking for a bathroom. So we had to give up.

Here is one blooper. Most embarrassing...but we had fun! I like fun!

Then my son surprised me and stopped by with his friend from childhood. I had not seen this young man since he was about 10 years old. For a few summers he practically lived with us!  I love all my kids' friends. Even when they were wild and unruly.

But this one grew up to be a very decent man. He has a full time job and two children. He proudly showed me their pictures. I am glad my son reconnected with him.

Better yet, he is a mechanic. He volunteered to come with me when I look for a car to make sure the engine is sound!  It is an answer to prayer! I know it is advised to bring your mechanic with you, but I did not have a mechanic. Until just this morning!

I told him he could take care of my car. He said, he would and I just need to buy him a beer. lol I told him I would pay his rate and when he went to look at the car I was purchasing, I would take him and my son out for food and beer! He smiled.

I have not had any encounters of the male kind since Tuesday. I am ok with it.  I wonder if I really have any time in my life for more than just friends.

I like friends.

Maybe I should just leave it right there for today.

Have a wonderful Wednesday - take it easy! :)

Talk to you tomorrow.

Much love and laughter,



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