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Year Three, Day 29: I Must Be Doing Something Right!

This will be another short post.

I need to get to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is my end of the year student recital.  I had an incredible day today.  I started with 125 rotations on my hula hoop and some stretching. Then I walked a brisk 3/4 mile to the bus stop, hopped on the bus and met my mom for breakfast.

I had black coffee, scrambled eggs, sausage, home fries and fresh fruit. And a full glass of water. After talking to my daughter recently, I believe I have been failing in the hydration department.

After breakfast I taught piano for 8 hours.  I was fully present with each student. I love preparing them for recital. Especially since they are all so prepared this time. And they are actually learning to play with feeling!  I had so many goosebump moments today, I cannot even begin to tell you!

But I want to talk about something else. You see, something has changed...

  • It might be the water.
  • It might be the hula hoop.
  • It might be the vitamins (a multiple, magnesium, spirulina and papaya).
  • It might be the decreased sugar.
  • It might be the increased fresh fruits and veggies.
  • It might be the increased prayer.
  • It might be the positive books I am reading...
Or it might be all of the above!

All I know is that something has shifted. I have more energy. I do not feel like passing out in the afternoon. I am not as depressed.

I must be doing something right!

The other day I had a Facebook chat with a friend of mine who lives in South Korea.  A few years ago, she was in Portland, studying for her bachelors of music. She signed up to volunteer at the music center where I teach. I was fortunate enough to acquire her for a few hours a week as an assistant in my piano classes.

She has since moved back to her country and is pursuing a master's degree in opera.  I was asking her about her childhood. She told me her parents were against her learning piano. They did not think it would provide her with a lucrative career. She begged and pleaded and they relented. But when she was graduating from high school, they refused to pay for college if she studied piano.  There was a scholarship competition at that time. It was very competitive. she asked her father if she practiced and won first place in the competition, if he would allow her to study piano in college. He said yes.

She proceeded to practice 10 HOURS A DAY and won first place!

I was blown away!  10 HOURS! My students often tell me they are "too busy to practice".  I myself have a hard time even getting an hour in a day.

I was most inspired. AND THEN she told me to get into graduate school was even more competitive. She also sings, and loves opera. So she MEMORIZED the full opera that she was to audition in. She arrived at the audition without any sheet music or lines.  And performed the entire opera by heart.

Talking to my friend really changed my perspective. It made me realize how fast life can pass you by if you do not have goals.

I have recommitted myself to practicing my piano. It is what has been missing in my life for the past several months.  I have not been performing much. I have done some great work on my health, and my emotions, but I do have a talent that is lying dormant.

As usual, I would like to tell you so much more. But it is getting late.  I plan on practicing for half an hour (I already practice about 45 minutes today between students).  I would like to get back to 2 hours a day of practice.  When I get my car, I hope to increase it to 3 hours a day.

I am not getting any younger!

On that note, I wish you a happy Saturday!

Talk to you tomorrow.




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