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Year Three, Day 42: Take That, Homeostasis!

I have been at this long enough to know not to give up when I do not see positive change.

I remember back in high school biology, learning the word "homeostasis".  This word has stuck with me. My own definition is that our bodies strive to stay in balance, resisting change.  I found this definition at KidsNet.AU: 

"Homeostasis in layman's terms means balance or equilibrium. It is the property of an open system to regulate its internal environment so as to maintain a stable condition, by means of multiple dynamic equilibrium adjustments controlled by interrelated regulation mechanisms. The term was coined in 1932 by Walter Cannon from two Greek words (to remain the same). The term usually is used in the sense of biological homeostasis in humans and animals" (
My body is definitely resisting change.  So is my brain.
In fact I was just thinking about my brain this morning. I woke up feeling negative. I noticed a bunch of negative thoughts swirling around in my head. But I tried to stay detached.

It occurred to me that I spend so much time worrying and obsessing, that I lose a lot of valuable learning. If I could let go of the time and energy wasted on worrying, I could really utilize this brain of mine.

Somewhere I read that our brains are computers. They are not us.  I think it was in a bible study group once, I said when I talk about "me", I put my hand on my heart. That is where I feel my vital essence.

I remember the "aha" moment I had with a counselor years ago. I mentioned it in a recent post. It was kind of a breakthrough. I suddenly looked at him and said, "I just realized I do not need to FOLLOW my thoughts".

What I need to remember is my brain is like a computer. It stores facts, memories, ideas.  But it is not ME. I can utilize my brain computer when I need it, but I should not let it control  me.  

I just took my Friday stats. I had a feeling they would not show any progress.  My eating this week was not as healthy as usual.  I went to Burgerville last night. I had a "Colossal Cheeseburger" on a gluten free bun, fries and a small hot caramel  sundae.

I must say, I really enjoyed that meal. But my body today is not so happy.  Not horrible like last week's sourdough incident, though!

I spent a long time at Burgerville. I had a new book that had just arrived the day before. Mom, I'm a Girl, by Judy Glenney.  (  I will review this book tomorrow. I read most of it sitting at Burgerville last night, crying into my dinner.  It was that good. But I still have a few more chapters to go

I am frustrated by my stats. I have had such good progress with my hula hooping, I think that I had a childlike hope that my hoop was "magic" and I would not have to think about my food intake so much.

I was wrong.

Hooping is great fun and I am improving. But I still need to keep my eating in check.

My daughter just called. She is having to count calories and avoid sugar. She has gestational diabetes.  Yes, I am worried. She is the top of my prayer list, every time I pray, which is almost constantly lately. But her doctor told her not to worry. They are monitoring her sugar levels. She can keep working as usual.  And many women who develop gestational diabetes, recover after childbirth.

I confessed to my daughter about my meal last night. She recommended the app "Lose It!".  She logs her food after every meal and it shows her the calories, sugar content, sodium, etc.  I was monitoring my calories, but I got weary of it.  I just want to be able to eat what I want, work out like a mad woman and get svelte.

O.K. That is not happening. So I am downloading "Lose It!" right after this blog!

Here are my stats. Virtually unchanged from last week - but UP one pound, and down 1/2 inch in my waist.  I am happy about the 1/2 inch, but not the pound!   GRRR! I do not like homeostasis! But my mood is better after venting on this blog. Plus, I am excited about teaching a music camp today with two other teachers.  One of them just emailed me and asked if I would like to do a piano/violin duet with her, essentially sightreading.  A Chopin Nocturne. Instantly my mood went up a few digits. I love sightreading! It is one thing that I do really well! :)

June 23, 2017
10:00 a.m. Mood: 6
(On a scale of 1-10, 1 being severely depressed, 10 being ecstatic)
 Weight: 188 pounds
Chest:   40"
Waist:    36"
Hips:      42"
Thighs:   22"

Biceps: 13"
Calves:   15"
Ankles:   8"
Here is today's hoop demonstration. Day 8.  
I was able to let the hoop drop down and bring it back up! Take that homeostasis!!
Also, after this demo, I did 900 CONSECUTIVE rotations!!!
I think I might record a full workout when I get to 1,000 rotations.

Most boring it will be to watch, but... proof of my efforts!  

It is going to be HOT this weekend. They are predicting 100 degrees for 

Saturday and Sunday.

Stay cool. Be safe!

Happy Friday!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Much love,



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