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Year Three, Day 89: The Woosh!

I experienced my first woosh overnight. Most exhilarating!

"What in the world is a woosh?"

Well, I am glad you asked!

The woosh effect is a phenomenon experienced by many people on low carb diets. Especially when you've hit a plateau and that scale seems stuck. You'll be going along feeling frustrated, wanting to kick the scale across the room, tempted to cheat on your diet, cranky as an old church lady...and then suddenly "WOOSH" overnight you lose several pounds!

I did that!

This morning I woke up feeling light as a feather. My clothes were looser and I was down three pounds!


 You can read more about the woosh here:
This blog recommends having a big carb cheat day and then going back to low carb. I am not comfortable without the big cheat concept. That would be a slow decline into the abyss for me.

But I think I know what triggered out.  The Claim Jumper. Happy Hour to be precise. My daughter and I met at the mall for our mother-daughter lunch Monday. But we decided to forgo lunch and get chair massage.

Good decision. Most relaxing!

But afterwards we were hungry. We didn't have much time, and mall food is notorious un-to-the-healthy! So we opted for Claim Jumper.  They had a decent happy hour. I had fried (but not breaded!) chicken wings, a small salad (no croutons) and then..gasp...baked potato skins! I knew it was wrong as I savored it morsel. I could feel myself clogging up. But I told myself  they were grain free and had bacon, so protein!

Anyway, I was sluggish and cranky all day yesterday. Blame it on the skins! But I better yesterday. And I ended my day with sugar snap peas dipped Tzatziki, a small piece of turkey, and fresh pineapple.

And the rest is Woosh history!

Of course, in all honesty, the pounds I lost last night were the three pounds I gained in the week since I've been slacking. I'm still grain free. I still don't eat after 7:00 p.m. I am still focusing on whole foods. But I've eased up on the carb counting.

Today, my 10-Day Grain Free Detox group is starting their new detox.  Which means, I just follow the program again. (Based on Dr. William Davis' book of the same name).

I had let potatoes creep back into my diet.

Taking them back out for now.

I've also discovered a nice way to eat dinner after my late teaching days. I cannot always pack dinner. And after I get home, it is too late to eat. In the past, I had several low carb options at my favorite restaurants. But that gets spendy. And I overindulge in restuarants.

So my new plan is...Safeway!  Several Safeways on my route have Starbucks in the store and nice little tables, either in the Starbucks area, near the deli or outside.  I buy a baked chicken breast, a bit of fruit - today watermelon, yesterday pineapple, and some type of raw veggie. Today is was sugar snap peas. And an unsweetened, herbal iced tea. Today it was strawberry infused passionfruit.

I am trying to eat really light for my last meal.  Then when I get home, I just drink water and herbal tea.

For breakfast, I've been having chia pudding topped with 1/2 a green banana (which, according to Dr. Davis is "prebiotic". It is like fertilizer for the intestines.  You can read about prebiotics here:

For lunch I have tuna or salmon, veggies, and an almond flour bagel.

It is getting late, so I am going to end here. 

I wish you a happy Wednesday evening.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Zita the Woosh!

p.s. Here is today's hoop video:

Day 55!


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