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Year Three, Day 103: Walking with Clyde

 Hooping: Day 69

Today was Day 69 of daily hooping.  Above is my video.  And I was also finally able to edit my Day 67 hooping video.  You can see it here:

Hooping: Day 67 (Eclipse Day!)

Apparently the problem had to do with the internet service in my neighborhood. Which coincidentally had issues on the day of the eclipse.

Speaking of which, I spoke to the parent of my Monday night students after their lesson.  They had driven to Silverton to watch the eclipse. They were fortunate to have experienced it in totality.  The boys eagerly relayed their experience to me. But as I was leaving, I noticed I had a difficult time carrying on a normal, adult conversation with their mom.

I confided in her that I had been feeling odd all day after the eclipse. That I felt uncomfortable staring at the sun, even with eclipse glasses. And that now I felt a bit wobbly and dizzy. She told me her husband was laying down. He felt very peculiar since they had returned. She said she felt tired, but they had all gotten up at 4:00 a.m. to make the drive.

I dismissed it to just my sensitive nature.

Yesterday I had a very good, balanced day.  No aches or pains. I went to lunch with my daughter after my church office job. Then I went to the gym and lifted weights.  Then, later I sat in a small Mexican restaurant, sipping ice water and eating a salad topped with grilled chicken. With jalapenos and radishes on the side. I did not have students yesterday. So it was a treat to relax over dinner with a book.

It was starting to get dark, so I hopped on the bus to the last stop for the evening. I had a mile walk home, so I stopped at the corner store for a bottle of water. Then I put in my headphones and tuned my radio to 101.1 fm.

To my friend Clyde Lewis.

I don't know him personally. But his distinct voice and fascinating, but sometimes borderline conspiracy theory radio program ("Ground Zero") have accompanied my nightly walks for several years now. He was with me when I moved to Salem, and walked home from the Amtrak station after working in Portland all day.

He was there when I moved in with  my daughter and son-in-law back in Portland. In the dreaded Lents neighborhood.  Which I grew to love.

And now, in my shared living situation in Milwaukie.  I look forward to walks with Clyde.

But I almost dropped my water bottle last night when the first words I heard from his mouth were:

"There were a few people in our group that were getting headaches as totality began and some were having problems with their equilibrium.Could all of this be connected to the magnetic changes that abruptly happened during totality?"

I turned up the volume and listened to his entire program. The mile walked whizzed by. I kept listening even when I got home.

You can read the transcript of his program here, if you are interested:

I won't go into detail, but it is fascinating! I am planning on reading it again and doing a bit of research. 

But what is even weirder is that today my mom called to tell me that things seem "different" after the eclipse. She was not very interested in the event. She and my dad did not even buy glasses. But she told me right before the sky darkened, her cat started acting strange and then it got really cold in the house. She stepped outside, but did not look at the sky with her naked eyes. But she said it the darkness was eerie. And it was very quiet.

When the moon passed, she said the light of the sun seemed "different and brighter".

And today she told me that she does not hurt. Her arthritis has not bothered her since the eclipse.  I told her about my experience. She seemed in awe. Which is quite unusual for my mom. She is not easily awed. 

Perhaps we are in the midst of a shift. I remember when my kids went through growth spurts. They would seem to grow an inch or more overnight. Perhaps that is how we humans grow. Suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye. In the aftermath of a solar eclipse.

I do not know.

The more I study and strive to understand the universe, the more it eludes me.

That's why my faith gets stronger as I age.  One day, when I pass over into what I hope is eternal life, and meet God, I hope that I will finally understand.

Until then, I am here with you.  And I wish you a happy Wednesday!

Talk to you tomorrow!




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