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Year Three, Day 90: Shallow Water

Day 56 of daily hooping!

I am starting to feel almost graceful as I hoop. Like my hoop and I are one!

The woosh effect from yesterday is still with me. I managed to stay at 180 lbs. I am hoping to drop into the 170's soon. And I found a yummy way to make a sandwich wrap.  Instead of wrapping the filling in a seaweed "nori" wrap (it gets mushy!), I packed sliced veggies: cucumber, green onion and avocado. And I packed a package of salmon. Then I just rolled and ate. The nori was still nice and crisp.  It works! Quite tasty! :)

My lovely daughter joined me for a walk this morning on the track. She walked, I hooped. Then we walked together. She is glowing in maternity!  Baby is engaged and ready for takeoff. Should be happening within the month.

My daughter shared with me her ideal weight. She has been blessed with this pregnancy. She has not gained too much, and it is mostly in her belly.  Which should be easy to lose once baby girl arrives.

We talked about our goals. It seems we both have a similar goal weight.  So once baby comes, we will support each other (eh hem COMPETE!).  Although my daughter wisely stated that I should not attempt to reach HER goal weight. After all, a woman of "your age" (read OLD), does not want to be saggy. She needs muscles!

Love that girl. She is right.

So my new adjusted, unsaggy weight goal is:

160 lbs.


WOW! This is totally within my reach! A mere 20 pounds!

  When I started this journey, the road seemed long, winding and treacherous.  Like wandering through the desert. Like the Israelites.  

But I am here, standing on the mountain. I can see the Promised Land!

I know, I've been reading too much Joshua in the Old Testament. I so love the book of Joshua!!  Just last night, I read how Joshua and the Israelites crossed the Jordan river.  God instructed them to follow the Levite priests, who were carrying the ark. They would stand in the middle of the river - which was at flood stage during the time of harvest.  But God commanded the river to stop flowing when the priests reached the middle.  The water competely stopped and allowed Joshua and all the Israelites to cross over.  

The priests were actually standing on dry ground in the middle of the river.  

I love this story.  And I can so relate it to my life. The trials I have faced. All my struggles.  Yet I can see the Promised Land in the distance. I just need to let go of my worries, trust God and obey Him.  I can imagine crossing through the river, with all my troubles and anxieties, guilts and regrets piled up on either side as I march triumphantly into a new land!

I have to admit, I am being super shallow. I am relating the Promised Land to being at my ideal weight, fit and trim. Energetic and healthy. I do know it's much more than that.  I tend to focus too much on the physical. But as I make my way, I hope to continue to minimize food as pleasure and recreation. Just think of it as healthy fuel for this God given body that I have learn to love and respect.  And continue to feed my mind with wholesome teachings.  And continue to fill my heart with love and compassion.

The  other day at my church job, one of the members mentioned that the office is the "first impression" people have of the church. It should be neat and orderly, she scolded. I smiled and straightened up when she left. I have never been once for appearances.  But I do agree it is important to have pride.  Perhaps finally, after I have let myself go for so many years, I can start regaining the pride in my appearance. But I couldn't help disagreeing with her in my mind.  The first impression people have of a church is the people. How they welcome them. How they make them feel.  

I welcome everyone with a smile. I truly care about them.  
That is my work ethic. Treating everyone like they matter because they do!

And on that note, I hope you have a fabulous Thursday!

Enjoy life! YOU matter!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Lots of love, 



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