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Year Three, Day 108: Still Praying.

Most tired am I!

My very strange, but good day was quite exhausting yesterday.

After my wonderful, healing church gig, I went out for a breakfast burrito. A chorizo breakfast burrito to be exact. I went to Teco's on Powell yesterday. It is a nice, little family run restaurant.  It is quiet. A good place for reading a pondering.

I usually get the regular burrito, and open up the tortilla and just eat the innards.  I am still grain free and proud of it!

Plus, they have the sliced radishes, and slow cooked onions and jalepenos on the side. All for about $3.75!

While I was eating and pondering, my son called. He had an interview for a job in North Portland. But, he is living in Parkrose and was afraid he would not make it in time.  So, I went into hero, warrior mom mode. I ordered him a ride through my Lyft app on my smart phone. Then I hopped on the boss to North Portland. I waited for him at Starbucks. Then I got him a bus pass for the day and we hung out and talked.

I treasure these moments with my son. It sounds like he got the job. I hope it works out for him. It will be a long commute everyday.

But I understand long commutes.  I told him to leave with plenty of time every morning. He will be taking the bus.  Showing up on time every shift is half the battle in the work world.

After we parted, I headed to the library to blog. I love going to the library, especially on hot summer Sundays.  It is cool and quiet inside.  But always filled with many people. Some reading or looking for books. Some are on the computers. Some are in classes. Sometimes people are seated at the long tables, playing chess.

If I hadn't become a pianist and a piano teacher, I would have been a librarian. I love the library so much!

Anyway, I blogged and picked up a few books and a DVD I had on hold.

Then I realized I was VERY hungry!  I had planned on going to the gym after the library. But it was hard to concentrate with my stomach growling and protesting!

I realized I had not made a plan for lunch. I had not packed any food.

I have been most distracted. Praying and worrying about family. Praying and worrying about the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the flood victims in Texas. Worrying about my church pianist gig. Worrying about money. Praying and looking forward to the birth of my granddaughter.

A lot going on in this poor brain of mine.

So, I decided since I had a bit of extra money from my gig, that I was just going to take myself out to dinner. And maybe a small serving of frozen yogurt. After that, I would head up to the gym for a light workout and hot tub soak.

But I was very indecisive about dinner. It put me in a near panic mode. You see, I have been diligently planning my meals for several months now, especially since going grain free.

Most obsessive I have become!

And I was tired and starting to retreat into my turtle shell. I didn't look forward to going to a restaurant and explaining to the server my special needs.

I walked up the street, struggling with myself.

Then I took a deep breath and though of how far I have come. And I thought of all the people in Texas struggling for their lives.

I decided to rise up. I went to a little Hawaiin restaurant in the neighborhood. I told the server that I was on a low carb diet. So I couldn't eat rice, or anything fried. I asked him what he could make for me.

And he was wonderful! He whipped up a green salad with balsamic vinegraitte, grilled chicken breasts ans sauteed veggies!


I had a lovely dinner and time reading and pondering.

But I must admit, I did go next door and have a small frozen yogurt afterwards. I ordered the low sugar, tart frozen yogurt. I topped it with some fresh berries, walnuts, unsweetened coconut and a drizzle of caramel.

It was sooo good!
I drank a lot of water afterwards. And I went to the gym and worked my arms in penance.  

And then I sat in the hot tub.

It was getting late when I left the gym. I walked to the Max.  It was still very warm.  A slight hint of smoke in the air. I waited at the station for the train, knitting.  It was a very quiet night.  

The train dropped me off at the transit center. It was quite a wait for the next bus. But I felt calm and peaceful. The summer air felt good. I got out my phone and checked social media. 

I read more news from Houston. Heroic rescues, flood damage. So many pictures.  I felt thankful for social media.  I realized that this incident showed a positive side of humanity.  People sacrificing for the lives of others. My heart swelled with love and compassion.

The bus pulled up. I got on, stilled glued to Twitter and Facebook.  I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as I read about the people, escaping the flood waters with just the clothes on their backs, clinging to rooftops, pleading for help.

Then I looked up in alarm. I had gone way past my bus stop!

I was deep in the dreaded Lents neighborhood.  I pulled the bell and jumped off. I texted the transit tracker for the return bus. But the last one had already left. 

I was stranded in Lents!

I felt a moment of panic. And then I opened up my Lyft app and ordered a driver.

He came within 5 minutes. 

And I am so glad I missed my bus stop. This young man is a musician. He writes his own piano music. We had the most fascinating talk on that short ride.

And I returned home with a smile on my face.

Still praying for the world.  But happy.

And that was the rest of my Sunday!

Today is going to be HOT!

I am planning on taking public transportation to Vancouver to see my daughter and son-in-law. It will be a a test ride to determine how long the trip will take when I go see my granddaughter.

On a sad  note, I found out on Facebook that one of my kid's friends from high school passed away this morning. A sweet young man. Always a smile on his face. I do not know the details, but I am praying for his family and friends.

Rest in peace, Sweet Marcus.

Talk to you tomorrow.




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