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Year Three, Day 268: Samurai Do Not Eat Cheetos

I am still reliving the movie I watched with my son-in-law last night. "The Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise. I must admit, I agreed to watch it with him because I adore Tom Cruise. Almost as much as Tom Hanks. Plus his hair is long in "The Last Samurai". I'm a sucker for handsome, tough warriors with long hair. And a vulnerable side.

But this movie proved to be more than handsome tough warriors. I was mesmerized. I was intrigued. I was inspired.  My mind keeps going back to the scene where my favorite line is spoken. By the son of Samurai master as he is watching Tom Cruise' s character, Nathan Algren get pummeled in combat. He tells him "too many mind". Later, Algren takes a moment to breathe and center himself, apparently emptying his mind. And he and his opponent ended their battle with a tie. The Samurai were incredible warriors, but the movie also brought out their human side. Their loyalty and their discipline.

If I could live my life over, I would be a Samurai! Without all that slaughtering of people and stuff. Well, I just would like 1/10 of their discipline and focus! I have discovered the art of focus in musical performance. And in bowling. Total focus can be useful in all aspects of life.

Today I practiced focusing on my eating. I must admit, I almost lost complete control and almost went into binge mode this weekend. Saturday at my nephew's birthday party. Sunday at my daughter and son-in-law's neighbors' super bowl party. I will spare you the details. But I feel like I have been run over by a truck. Headache, bloated, tired, depressed. And my cough is back.

A good learning experience it was. Now back on track I go! Every time I thought of comforting myself with food today, I thought of the Samurai. I took a deep breath and let go of the craving. I imagined myself healthy, lean and strong. I told myself Samurai ate food as fuel, not recreation.

 And Samurai do not eat Cheetos!

On that note, I am heading  to bed. Hungry, but proud.

I will talk to you tomorrow. Sweet dreams!



P.S. Here is today's hooping video. Day 228. My daughter and Baby Gracie even made a brief appearance!


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