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Year Three, Day 289: Time - My Most Valuable Possession

Hello my most wonderful readers!

Getting off the Max and heading to Starbucks to meet my daughter and the Schnood!

Cascade Station is a lovely site for walking...

...especially when there is a Starbucks at the end of the path!
 My daughter and I have devised a new scheme. Since the Schnood will be 6 months old in a few days, I am not needed overnight anymore.  Three adults, one baby and one dog in a trailer is a bit too close for comfort, I might believe!

So today, I am meeting them at Starbucks at Cascade Station. I have become very fond of this location.  Lovely sidewalks for walking, shops, restaurants...but most of all, conveniently located between my daughter's home and mine. And on the Max line, to boot...what's not to like?

It is 11 a.m. I'm sitting at the Starbucks at Cascade Station with my daughter and the Schnood. My daughter is getting some work done on her computer. I am enjoying a Venti Blonde Soy Latte.  It's my reward drink for collecting 125 stars at Starbucks.  I certainly feel like I deserve it!

I'm entertaining the Schnood with a few books that I downloaded onto my Kindle.

Then we're heading over to Ikea for lunch. I am most excited. I have never been to Ikea!

O.K., I'm a little nervous. All that stuff! I'm trying to "destuff" my life. I've been minimalizing and purging for years. I don't need much to survive. In fact, I feel free not being owned by my stuff.  Except for perhaps my books!

These feeling probably trace back to my father. He is a bit of a hoarder.

But my daughter told me Ikea has a nice cafeteria. And she wants to look at the baby section.  So I am on board!

Uh-oh! The Schnood is getting restless. So we are packing her up in her stroller and heading over to Ikea. I'll report back after lunch.

Lunch at Ikea

After lunch...

Wow!  I love Ikea!

Well, let me rephrase that. I love lunch at Ikea!

I have to admit the store was a tad overwhelming. I had to breathe slowly in through my nose and out of my mouth.

My daughter, who is the logical, left brained, organized one of the family was in heaven. But she kindly didn't make me walk all the aisles of militantly lined things.  We went straight to the kids section which was glorious.

Then we headed over to the restuarant.  I loved the restaurant!

 We were able to stick within our budget of less than $8 for lunch.

We had chicken meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy, root vegetables and lingonberry jam and ice water. Plus a wonderful view of Cascade Station!

I think it is has good potential!

The next new thing I am doing today is going to a different gym.  I am going to the downtown 24 Hour Fitness. I think it makes more sense coming from Cascade Station to go downtown and then head to teach piano class.

I like going downtown.  Especially if it means shaving time off of my commute.

Downtown has a much different vibe then outer Southeast Portland that's for sure.  I went to Portland State University. I lived in a little studio apartment downtown.   I loved just heading out the door and walking. No worries about driving or parking.

Downtown Portland is most walkable. Big sidewalks. Lots going on. Good public transportation. Very breathable.

I'm going to check out now and go to the gym. I'll report back later.

A view of the gym from the bus stop. 

I love downtown!

I'm back. I am so excited! I made it downtown just in time for a nice short workout and hot shower.

Then  I walked over to the bus stop across the street looked at the reader board and it was just two minutes wait for my bus! The #9 bus heads over the river to SE Portland via the Tillikum Crossing bridge, which is wonderful because it's a pedestrian and public transportation only bridge. No cars! So it was very quick. I got to my destination in 25 minutes.

I am gaining time! My most valuable possession!

I'm actually going to be early for my classes today. I can have time to sit and drink my iced tea. I think I have a new routine!

It's funny how I'll do things over and over for a while and think this is the way it has to be. And then try something new. And it just totally opens up my life.

I could definitely use a longer time in the gym. But my philosophy is: life is so busy, that if I just keep putting things off the never get done. So I do a little bit each day.

I've reached my destination now. I am text talking blogging and walking at the same time!

But I do need t run now and prepare to teach class.

I think I will call this post good for now. Talk texting does encourage me to ramble!

Talk to you tomorrow!



P.S. Here is today's hooping video. Day 248. I was most flattered when one of my piano student's moms commented on how svelte I looked!

Me, svelte?

I'll take it!

I told her I need to spend more time at it. I only hoop an average of 5 minutes every day. But it is EVERY day!

She said it is working! Yay!

But I must offer a disclaimer. I hooped this morning BEFORE my Venti Blonde Soy Latte. I was just in a hurry to catch the bus. That is some speed hooping there!


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