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Year Three, Day 274: Doppelganger and Samurai Bowling

I have a twin stranger in town. The first sighting was at Laurelhurst Park by one of my students and his mom. The second was this morning at Starbucks. I missed her by just a minute or two.

It was quite early. I was on my way to church, after which I was meeting my daughter, son-in-law and Baby Gracie for bowling. I had slept better than usual last night. But was still bone tired.

I approached the counter, looking forward to a Blonde Soy Vanilla Latte.

The barista smiled at me.

"You need something else?" She asked cheerfully.

"Excuse me?" I muttered, my finger poised in mid air over my cell phone. That certainly was not the question I expected.

She smiled and repeated her question.

"I just got here", I said. I was a bit confused.

"Oh!" She shook her head. Now she was the one looking confused.

"You have a twin! Identical! Her name is "G". She just left a minute ago!"

I told her I have heard rumors that I have a stranger twin in town.

"But my name is Zita", I said.

We both chuckled.

As I found a table, I pondered my double.

We have yet to come face to face. I am not a superstitious person. However, the possibility of looking into the eyes of my double makes the hairs on my arm stand up.

After all, myth has it that if you come face to face with your double, or "Doppelganger" in German (which translates literally to "double goer" in English, you will be in danger, have bad luck, die or all three!

If this myth were true, I escaped my demise by a matter of mere seconds this morning!

Earlier on the bus ride, I had another close call. I rang the bell for my stop and stood up, grabbing the hand strap. Suddenly the bus lurched to the right. I planted my feet in a warrior stance, bending my knees slightly. The bus screeched to a halt. The driver actually threw his arm out to the side as if to break my fall. But I held my ground. The driver apologized and told me it was safe to exit now. I laughed and told him I was fine. I closed my mouth tight before the words, "...because I am a Samurai" came out.

You do have to be careful about how much you share with people.

But I did practice my Samurai skills bowling. I am pleased to announce I significantly improved my game! And we got done in record time - an hour less than last time!

In my study of the Samurai, I discovered the Japanese word "kaizen" which means to continually change for the better. I like!

And Baby Gracie has become the bowling league mascot. She loves the noise, the action and all the attention!

Speaking of Gracie, I need to close. I am babysitting tonight so her mom and dad can have a date night.

I think we'll watch the Olympics!

Talk to you tomorrow.



P.S. Here is today's hooping video. Day 234!


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