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Year Three, Day 286: My Swelling Heart and The Ninja Code

Sometimes out of desperation, I come up with the most brilliant schemes!

Take my "Code of the Piano Ninja".

It has been highly successful so far with both my group piano classes and private students.

And this evening, with my family member in crisis.

We met for dinner. He shared with me some life struggles. Just then I felt like a light bulb came on above my head.


I told him about the Code of the Piano Ninja list that I had come up with to help my students behave in piano class. I told him it even helped me in my private life. It reminded me of the tenets of Taekwondo.  (He studies Taekwondo as a child).

I asked him if he wanted to see the list.

He did.

Then it looked like a light bulb came on over his head.

"These are really good", he said looking up at me.  "Can you text me this picture?"

I told him I could.  Then he asked me if I had a pen.  I told him I could write them down on a piece of paper if he liked.

"I am going to write them on my hand!", said he.

And he did! I told him he could call it "The Ninja Code" since he wasn't one of my piano students.

My heart swelled with love for this young man as I watched him carefully write all 7 tenets of the Ninja Code on his left hand.

I told him there was one more.

#8: Don't forget to pray!

He added that one. Then he told me he had to go. He gave me a big hug. I noticed he didn't have gloves. It was really cold out. I told him I had a pair of gloves for him. They were actually mine. But they were kind of big.  I could get another pair later.  He tried them on and they fit. He looked happy.

My heart swelled again. Some day my old heart is just going to burst with all of this swelling!

Like after I spend the day with the Schnood. Which I did for a few hours this morning. My daughter warned me that she woke up to a different baby this morning.

She does that at times.

She was a different baby. More aware. Not one bit whiny. After we had activity time, I fed her a bottle. Then I burped her.  She seemed tired. So I stood up and put her on my shoulder.

I sang her new favorite, song: "Amazing Love".

Within seconds she was fast asleep.

Thinking about it now, my heart is swelling.

But wait, there's more!

After my family member in crisis departed, I sat and read a bit. Then I decided I'd better head for home. It did look chilly.  I stopped at the Safeway nearby. They were out of gloves.  I bundled up, got out my batlight, and waited for the bus.

I stopped at the corner store near my home.  They had worker gloves. Size large. Way too big, but my hands were stiff from the cold. I also got a bottle of water.

I walked up to the cashier. She looked at my size large worker's gloves. She looked at my white hands.

"Do you need gloves?" she asked.

"Yes", I said. "These are a bit large, but it's pretty cold out!" I laughed.

"I'll be right back", she said. "Don't go away!"

She came back with a basket full of gloves.

"Pick whichever pair you want. They're free", she smiled.

"Thank you so much! This is so sweet of you!" I exclaimed.

I told her I had given away my pair of gloves earlier..

"You're most welcome", she said as she rung up my water.

"Stay warm out there", she waved.

I nearly skipped down the street. It is true, that I find it most fulfilling to help those in need. But I am rarely the recipient. And it did feel good!

On that note, I wish you a lovely evening.

Talk to you tomorrow!



The Schnood and I

P.S. Here is today's hooping video. Day 245!


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