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Year Three, Day 275: Zzzzzita

I saw a coyote Friday night.  I walked home late in the evening.  I had taught piano classes and then stopped at my favorite little Mexican restaurant.  Friday's special is fish tacos, rice, beans and a drink for $6. 

I usually linger, reading and people watching until after about 8:00 p.m.

This leaves me walking 3/4 miles home about 9:30 p.m.  On a road with no sidewalks, very little street light. And no bus service after about 6:30 p.m. I usually walk on the side of the road, in the bike lane. I listen to Clyde Lewis on my radio. And I pray that no one swerves off the road and sends me to meet my maker before I'm good and ready.

I actually look forward to my walks. But walking in the dark is probably rather foolish. 

Thank goodness for my Samurai revelation. 

So, there I was Friday night, so incredibly pleased with myself. Walking briskly in the dark with my backpack on my back, ear buds in my ears and batlight illuminating the path in front of me and hopefully making me quite visible to passing cars.

As I cut through the church parking lot, I saw what looked like a dog. He was standing underneath a street light. His eyes glowed as he stared at me. I stopped in my tracks. The hair on my arms stood straight up as I realized this was no dog.

But he was larger than the few coyotes I have seen in Portland over the years.  Plumper too. But he had the wild in him.  His nose was pointed slightly up. His eyes gleamed as he stared me down. He had long slender legs and a beautiful gray coat.  He almost looked like a small wolf.

I knew better than to move.  We studied each other for a moment or two. Then I tightened the grip on my batlight, just in case I needed to defend myself. He sensed the movement. And slowly turned around and gracefully trotted down the street.  I wonder if he had a family somewhere?

The hairs are standing up on my arms just recalling our encounter.  Something about a wild animal in the city stirs me deeply. Especially when we are aware of one another. 

The week before, I saw a family of raccoons crossing the street.  One tends to see more wildlife in the evening.  But they did not see me.  It is more profound when they see you. And look into your eyes. 

Almost like a challenge.  It was as if he was saying, "I live here too.  Are you ok with that?"

I do enjoy experiencing the unexpected in my wanderings. 

It tends to wake me up.

And Lord knows, I need waking up!

It occurred to me today, as I gazed at the Columbia River through the window of the bus crossing from Washington to Oregon, that I have been tired most of my life.  There have been moments of energy bursts and awakenings, but mostly I feel like I have been sleepwalking my whole life.

Part of it is my trouble sleeping.  Last night I spent the night in my daughter and son-in-law's trailer. After bowling, they dropped me off at a Starbucks so I could blog, and do my online music course.  Then they picked me up and I helped with Gracie's bedtime routine. My favorite part is her bedtime story. I think it is one of her favorite's too! We always read Goodnight Moon. On every page, I ask her where the little mouse is. Last night, I swear she pointed to him!

She went to bed easily, but I was overcome with another coughing fit. I used my inhaler. I drank tea.  But I coughed most of the night. Sometimes I sleep in their recliner, but it is most uncomfortable. Last night I slept on a mat on the floor. But I didn't realize how cold it was going to get last night.  Below freezing.  I tossed and turned, coughing and trying to get comfortable as I tried to ignore the drafts seeping into the trailer.

I had a nice strong cup of tea earlier. I am on my way to teach now. But I called my nurse practitioner to get an appointment for next week. My daughter is wondering if I should have my heart checked. I am wondering if I have should have my blood sugar checked. Because I get super tired after I eat. Especially if I eat a lot of carbs. 

I am certain I have sleep apnea. 

I would just love to stay awake to enjoy the rest of my life!

I am guessing I will get a second wind early this evening.  I suspect I am nocturnal. Like my wildlife friends. 

Perhaps I should try and schedule afternoon naps?

That sounds really nice right now!

Even though I am struggling with my health, I am continuing to exercise. Daily hooping and walking. And when time permits, weight training.

I also tell myself that a Samurai does not take the elevator. I am taking stairs whenever possible!

On that note, I need to head out.  The music center where I teach has many stairs. I want to get there early and brew another strong cup of tea. So that I stay awake for my students!

Talk to your tomorrow!



P.S. Here is today's hooping video. I will not let a bit of fatigue stop me! This is day 235! :)


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