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Yeart Three, Day 269: Zita, Urban Warrior

As I was packing up to leave the home of my first student's house this afternoon, his dad looked at me and said, "Zita, you are looking like quite the urban warrior!"

I laughed out loud! I told him he was not the first to mention my get up.

"Don't get me wrong", he said. "It is very cool. You look like you are prepared for anything!"

He pointed at my fanny pack, with the window for my bus pass, and the Starbucks cup conveniently lodged in the cup holder. And he motioned to my sunglasses perched on top of my head.

I told him my son-in-law insisted on buying me an ergonomic pack. With side straps to help support my back.

What I didn't tell him is that after watching "The Last Samurai", that my secret wish was to be a Samurai! That might be pushing it a little bit.  It would be nice if my piano students' parents believed me to be sane.


But I have been reading about Samurais. I even downloaded a few books onto my Kindle.  Did you know that some Samurais were secretly Christian? Researchers have found evidence on their swords, which were engraved with hidden crosses. Or pictures of Jesus and Mary disguised to look like the Buddha!

I have also been reading about Ninjas.  They were a different class entirely. The Samurais were elite warriors, serving the Emporer. But Ninjas were very secretive.  In fact, they had day jobs, so one might be working with  Ninja, and not even know it!

I often refer to piano students and "Piano Ninjas", especially when they are in group lessons and I need them to be quiet and listen. I tell them to be in "stealth mode". I even have Piano Ninja practice sheets that I have created. 

Everyone loves a ninja it seems!

But I am more drawn to the Samurai.  Their discipline, loyalty and dedication to their art. Their "bushido" which translates to "warrior code". 
My Samurai Salad

I decided I am going to lose weight and get in shape like a Samurai.  

My results so far, just one day in have been remarkable!

I am indeed prepared for everything, for in my backpack I carry a small bottle of olive oil, salt, pepper and a head of garlic. I carry a small  knife in my purse.  Before my students today, I went to Fred Meyers. I stopped at the salad bar and loaded a plate with  mostly lettuce, a few olives, cucumbers, shredded carrots and mushrooms.  Then I went to the produce section and picked up a lemon. They give free ice water at Fred Meyers.  

So I sat down and prepared my Samurai salad.  I minced two cloves of garlic, drizzled olive oil and the juice of half a lemon on my salad. Then I seasoned it salt and pepper. I used the other half of the lemon to add to my ice water.

It was yummy!

I must admit I have still been feeling quite under the weather since my weekend binge. Especially the Cheetos incident.

But shortly after eating this salad, I felt a burst of energy! My head and joints no longer hurt. I felt alert, without caffeine!

Most excited am I!  

But now, I need to get ready for choir practice. I am heading back over the river again tonight. I have Baby Gracie duty again tomorrow. This week I am spending a lot of extra time with her because my daughter has many work projects.

またあした, mata ashita (See you tomorrow!)




Zita, Urban Warrior 


P.S. Here is today's hooping video! Day 229!




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