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Year Three, Day 134: The Charmed Life of a Commuting Grandma

I just discovered that the Starbucks at Cascades Station stays open until 10:00 p.m. every night.

Just when I was wanting to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Being a commuting grandma really is not that difficult. Actually, my life pretty much rocks right now!

Today has been a very good day. And I had maybe 3 hours of solid sleep last night. The Burrito has decided she likes to sleep cuddled in the arms of her Great Grandma Blanche or Grandma Zita during the day. Or snuggled safe in her infant seat while her mom, grandma and great grandma go out to lunch, do laundry and go shopping.

I warned my daughter that the
Baby Burrito needed some awake time yesterday. Or else we would pay for it in the evening. But getting so much done with a snoozing baby in tow was so freeing. Especially since Baby Burrito's dad is elk hunting all weekend.

We finally roused her for a bath, diaper change and piano lesson early afternoon.

Baby Burrito had a fantastic first piano lesson. At 15 days old, she may be the world's youngest piano student. She is mine! And the cutest too!

We spent some good moments with the little keyboard I brought over to their little home. My heart almost burst open when I saw her eyes widen and her little mouth form the letter "O" when she heard the music. Precious does not come close to describing this little being.

I carried this magical, warm feeling with me all day today. To breakfast with my mom, where we gushed and shared pictures of the Baby Burrito with our server. To the gas station, where I put some air into my mom's rear tire, the one with the slow leak. As I searched for quarters, a lady parked next to us smiled at me. "I love your hair color", she said.

I thanked her and told her I was going for violet, but it always seems to come out "Viking red".

She laughed and said, "I know you!"

I looked closer and ran over to grab her hand. She was the mother of childhood playmates of my children.

"I'm a grandma!" I gushed. 

She congratulated me. And oohed and aahed over her pictures. 

Then off to the church where I teach Saturdays. I cherished my students more than ever today. I couldn't help thinking how they had all come into the world helpless and vulnerable. 

And here they sat. At a huge grand piano. So intent on creating music with their little hands, trusting my instruction.

I was suddenly deeply humbled and thankful.

Do I really deserve this charmed life I lead? This is not work. It is a great privelage! 

I am intent on staying positive. The books I ordered came at the perfect time. Happiness is about perspective. I am hereby choosing light. In honor of all the little lives I have been entrusted with.

It is late. As usual, I have so many more thoughts. But I think we got Baby Burrito on a good sleep schedule tonight. So while the Burrito sleeps, so must her Grandma and mom.

Sweet dreams my friends. Sweet dreams Baby Burrito.

Talk to you tomorrow.



P.S. Today was day 98 of my daily hooping project. Notice halfway through the video that Honey Dog video bombs me! 


  1. We used to call my oldest son Burrito Boy for the same reason.

    Nice article and Congratulation!


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