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Year Three, Day 239: Toeing the Line

I survived my first day bowling with my daughter and son-in-law's church league!

We bowled three games. I threw many gutter balls, but my score improved with each game. I definitely need to work on my focus and confidence. I would find myself getting anxious as I was about to let the ball fly. My son-in-law fa c.f. e me some valuable pointers. One of which was not to "toe the line". I actually stepped over the line once and fouled out-my points got wiped off the screen for that turn.

Most embarrassed was I!

But it was fun. Everyone was supportive. And Baby Gracie was an enthusiastic mascot (after she woke up from her two hour nap!

I expect to be sore tomorrow. But I am determined to improve my game!

I am actually quite happy at the end of this weekend. Yesterday, we had a late Christmas celebration with my brother and family. Nearly all of our family were present for a fantastic prime rib dinner- my brother's specialty. There were no appetizers this time. We noticed at past family dinners, that we loaded up on chips and dips and then overstuffed ourselves at the main meal.

I just ate prime rib, potatoes, and a cauliflower dish dish and green salad (I made the cauliflower and salad). I passed on the gravy, tolls and pie. I did have a big scoop of the horseradish  sauce my brother prepared. After all, one cannot have prime rib without horseradish!

I slept well, and felt good this morning. Most proud of that eating experience.

And we all seemed quite relaxed. I told my brother we should always celebrate Christmas this way - after the mass hysteria. The gift giving felt more meaningful, less forced. My son even made an appearance with his girlfriend. She was a lovely addition. As he introduced her to the group, she went around and as shook hands with everyone. I like her style!

We were just missing my niece and grand niece. The older I get, the more family means to me. Especially as my parents get up in their years. Two years ago we visited my father in.the hospital at Christmas following his stroke. He looked frail physically last night, but his brain is still sharp and clear. And he was quite enamored with Baby Gracie, his great granddaughter.

A new life can sure unite, heal and bring joy to a family. No matter how dysfunctional. And let's face it, we mortals have plenty of dysfunction in our families. I hope God has a sense of humor. He has certainly been patient with me and my kin.

A few nights ago, I had severe insomnia. Spurred on by much worrying. I was spinning towards a full blown panic attack.

I closed my eyes and prayed, "Dear Lord, please help me. I am so worried!"

And just then I swear I heard a voice from somewhere inside say, "Do not worry. That is My job".

And I exhaled. Let go.  And felt peaceful.

Tonight I will sleep well. With a smile on myself as I think of my family.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!

Talk to you tomorrow.



P.S. Here is today's hooping video. Day 201!


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