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Year Three, Day 258: Every Day a New Friend and Night Hooping!

It seems like lately I make a new friend.

Today it was "V" at the Starbucks in Vancouver, near my son-in-law's work.

Yesterday it was "J", at the McDonald's after the gym. The day before that, it was "H" on the bus. And that is just this week!

I love these random encounters as I wander through my life.

All three of these connections were with older people. V told me he is turning 79 in a week. He was truly amazing. I was with my daughter and Baby Gracie. I had baby-duty while my daughter caught up on some computer work.

We were sipping  creamy blonde vanilla lattes when V walked by. He told me he had been waiting for the comfy chairs behind us for about an hour. Finally the women who had been occupying them left. So he hurried over.

"It's my regular spot", he said with a wink.

"I'll be sure and keep the baby quiet then", I smiled.

"Oh, please don't", he exclaimed. "I'm a grandpa. I love the little ones. They are God's miracles".

Thus began our conversation. We chatted comfortably for the rest of our stay.  He had many intriguing stories. As my daughter rose and gathered her things, we introduced ourselves.

He is a regular at that Starbucks. I told him we look forward to running into him again.

Yesterday, I stopped at McDonald's for a quick bite after the gym. A nicely dressed, elderly lady with dark glasses and a cane sat at the table beside me. We chatted about the rain. As she stood to refill her water, she dropped her bracelet. She began to struggle to lean down and pick it up.

"Would you like some help?" I offered.

Before she could answer, one of the workers came by and scooped it up for her. He seemed to know her. Later on I discovered she came there everyday for lunch.

She showed me the bracelet she had dropped. She told me about her husband who had bought it for her over 30 years ago. He had passed away on 2009.

Before long, we were sharing pictures. Of her husband, children and grandchildren. And my daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby.

As we finished our lunches she pointed to her dark glasses.

"I recently had cataract surgery", she said. "And now my eyesight is so good! Too goid really. The first time I looked in the mirror after the surgery, I screamed! I didn't realize I had so many wrinkles!"

We both chuckled.

Then I looked at her and said, "Your wrinkles are beautiful! You've earned every single one!'

She broke out in the biggest grin. "You're right. I have earned them all!"

We parted then. I told her I would definitely see her again. I am planning on more frequent visits to the gym. And since I'm working out, I can justify a cheeseburger and fries! (Bunless, of course).

And then there was H. On the bus. A scruffy man about my age. He appeared homeless. He sat opposite me and smiled. He had lovely, brown wrinkly eyes. And tattered clothes. His shoes had holes in them. We chatted about the weather. He saw my cell phone and asked if I would call the shelter in Oregon City.

"If it freezes, the open the shelter overnight", he said.

I called, but I got a recording. They were closed. I checked the weather forecast. Low of 37 was predicted. Not quite freezing.

I asked him if he had a place to stay. He told me he lived in a shed on his friend's property.

"They are very kind to me"  he said.

I asked him if he was warm enough. He told me he had several sleeping bags.

Then he told me about two times he died and came back to life when he told His he wasn't ready to go. His eyes shone even brighter as he told me his stories. We ride all the way to the mall together. He told me he was going to ride a few busses around town to stay warm before he went home.

As we were about to debus, a young man motioned to me.

"Look under that seat", he said, pointing behind me. There was a nice pair of work boots. No one else was on the bus. I showed them to H. His face lit up.

"These are nice!", he exclaimed as he scooped them up.

I wished him luck as we parted. He smiled and waved. "God bless you, sister", he grinned. As I headed for my next bus, I turned around. H was sitting on a bench. He had his new boots on. He was grinning ear to ear. In the pouring rain.

I cannot wait to meet my next new friend!

Talk to you tomorrow!



P.S. Here is today's hooping video. Day 219. In the dark! I like night hooping!


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