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Year Three, Day 262: A Spiritual Lyft!

Well, I didn't hoop last night after all. I didn't get to my daughter and son-in-law's trailer until quite late. Thought it would best to not alarm the neighbors!

I also did not get a real dinner last night. I ran into my son on the bus after my last students.  We had a nice visit. Always happy to spend even a small amount of time with him.  But we parted before I got to the Max station.  Usually it is less than a 10 minute wait for the Red Line Max to the airport. But last night the trains were off. I waited about 20 minutes.  By the time I got to Cascades Station, most of the restaurants were closed.

I decided to do the prudent thing and just drink a tall glass of water before bed.  Baby Gracie had just fallen asleep before I got there. So I went straight to bed. With a very empty, growling stomach.

But this morning, I popped up at 7:00 a.m. Feeling quite fine! Not as achy as usual.  Only a bit of coughing last night.  And feeling quite chipper!

I must remember that going to bed shortly after eating really does mess with me.

Not only that, the weather is warmer and the days are getting longer. It was a lovely day in Vancouver. My daughter and I took Baby Gracie for a long walk in her stroller. I love the time we have together on our walks. Especially when the weather is mild.  Gracie loves being on the move, whether it is in her stroller, in the car in her car seat, or in a pack carried by her mama.

So my daughter I talk about whatever is on our minds.  Somehow we got on the subject of this blog. She mentioned she remembered that I said that when people are cranky, especially older people, it is often because they are sick or tired.

She told me she shared my last post on Facebook. I looked at her in surprise.

"You did?" I asked. "That explains it!  I have had over 140 views on that post since yesterday!"

"Well, it was a good post", she said.

I thanked her and told her I was proud of that one. "Plus, it was true!" I exclaimed.

As we talked, somehow we came upon the subject of how we arrange and rearrange our lives until we have what feels like the perfect schedule. And then somehow, we feel trapped by our own lives.

I told her I love teaching piano. And I have had so many wonderful moments over the years. I love knowing I have touched so many lives through music.

But...if I could have my ideal life, I would teach only a few students at the music center, and accompany the choir. The rest of the time I would spend with my family, especially my granddaughter. And I would write.  I would love to write a book!

"You should!" she said enthusiastically.

But I told her I became paralyzed when trying to think of a subject or format.

She suggested I do what I do with  my blog. Just start writing. And then organize it later.

I may do just that!

After our walk, my daughter got Gracie ready for to nurse and hopefully take a nap.  (She tends to not want to take naps for her mom, hence the "sleep training" exercises).

I packed up and opened my Lyft app on my phone. It takes so long to get to Portland via bus, and my daughter needed extra help today, so I planned on ordering a Lyft ride over to Cascade Station and then taking the Max and bus to my afternoon students.

Only 2 minutes after I ordered my ride, my phone beeped. He was here already!

I rushed over and kissed my daughter and Baby Gracie on their heads and raced out the door.

A very distinguished gentleman about my age sat behind the wheel of his car smiling.

"Hello Zita!" he bellowed.

"Hello 'D'" I bellowed back.

We exchanged pleasantries. Then he commented that he saw the cross on my house. I looked back. The cross was on the house that my daughter and son-in-law rent a space from for their trailer.  "M" and "I". Very dear friends.

I didn't bother to explain.

Because D broke into a very enthusiastic testimony of how he went from an agnostic to a believer in Jesus.

It was so inspirational, I had goosebumps for the entire trip.  I asked him if he attended a church. He told me he had not found a church that went deep enough for him. He has read the Bible many times and knows it "practically by heart", he told me with a sheepish smile.

When we got to Cascade Station, he pulled over and kept talking! I have never had a driver do that.  They are all quite friendly, some more intriguing than others. But the conversation always ends when we reach our destination.

Ours continued for a good 15 minutes.  (And he didn't charge extra - lol!)

I actually had to gently explain that I need to get going because I had students soon.

He suggested a website that he likes. I then had a brilliant idea.

I told him I understood he had not found a church that fit him, but I had. I told him about Portland Bible Church and how the pastor translated much of scripture line by line, from the Greek and Hebrew. I told him it was more like a class than a church service.

He seemed quite interested, so I gave him their website.

Another friend I have made!

I am still in goosebumps from the encounter.

I have so much more I could talk about. Such a good day I am having. But I need to end this. I have choir practice soon and a very hungry tummy. I plan on eating before practice, so that I am not eating too close to bedtime.

Learning from life's experiences, am I!

And I am pleased to report that I did hoop this morning. At 7:30 a.m. even!  Here is the video. Day 222!

Unfortunately, my cell phone is almost dead, so I am unable to share a Baby Gracie picture with you today.  But believe me, I will have some for you tomorrow...

Talk to you then!




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