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Year Three, Day 236: Memories of Food

Well, I ALMOST got on the treadmill today!

I planned on it. I actually had a very productive morning. I woke up super early, but it was cold and I knew I would be exhausted if I actually got vertical at 4:47 a.m. So I stayed in bed and checked emails, and played a few games of Words with Friends.

I drifted off again, and finally got out of bed at 9:30.  I did my prayer, journaling, bible study and reading from my Joyce Meyer Book. (The Mind Connection). I have only one more chapter to read and I am finished with the book! At which point, I plan on going back to the beginning and rereading the whole thing. It is that good!

I did my morning hoop. It was a crisp, cold morning, but no wind. I had a good workout. Then I practiced a bit of piano and did some piano lesson planning for my students.

I had planned on grabbing a quick lunch and then hopping on the Max to the gym where I would hop on the treadmill, hop in the jacuzzi and then grab a quick shower before my students.

The bus that goes by my home on weekdays, stops right in front of the new Taco Bell on SE 82nd. I heard on the news that Taco Bell has a "Power Bowl" - Rice, black beans, guac, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce.  I thought I'd grab a bowl and then hop on the Max. I tend to get really tired after a big meal, but I thought perhaps this smaller meal  would be just the ticket!

HOWEVER... I noticed a line out the door of the Taco Bell as I debussed. There must have been 50 to 100 teens standing in line.  Ah! Lunch time at the Catholic High school around the corner.

I thought about walking up to my usual Best Buffet.  $7.50 lunch. And I could eat my bland, mostly veggie diet. But that sounded depressing.  The food quality there is pretty, shall we say, basic.

So instead of turning left, I turned right.  And I walked straight to a Denny's.  I was happy. Denny's and my family go way back.  When we were kids, and my dad worked swing shift at Alcoa Aluminum plant, he would whisk us all up late at night, my brother and I still in our jammies and we would head to Denny's. I would have french fries.  My brother usually a hot fudge sundae.

Most of my fond memories of childhood included food.

Denny's was also the hot spot for late night food after a night of dancing at the underage disco's when I was a teen. I would usually always have a mushroom swiss burger, fries and a Diet Coke. I salivate just remembering...not only the taste, but also the happy, giddy feeling I had after dancing the night away and settling in to a salty, fattening meal. 

And I was a size 5 back then. Go figure...

Well I did pretty well at Denny's. Their menu has changed with the times. Many gluten free options. And their senior specials begin at age 55!  Also, they had big screen tv's set on the local news. It was a nice way to spend my lunch.

When I got up to pay, I noticed a sign by the cash register that said if you showed your AARP card, you get 15% off your total ticket!

I guess joining AARP is on my list. 

Getting older is not so bad.

But I had so much fun at Denny's, I lost track of time. Couldn't make it to the gym. But...I walked 0.8 miles to the Max station. With a 25 lb backpack on my back.

Tomorrow the gym!

After I spend all day with my granddaughter. I sure miss her. My daughter send me daily pics, but I haven't held that little bundle of joy since Monday!

Now, I am off to teach my Thursday students. I have a full schedule today. I am glad to be back in business. Winter break was much too long!

Talk to you tomorrow!



P.S. Here is today's hooping video. Day 198!


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