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Day 202: The Morning After (Or the Tossing of the Rolls)

I survived!

I made it through Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's house!  I stepped on the scale this morning and it showed one pound gain.  I'm ok with that.

Because I showed restraint and self control. But I did enjoy the dinner! I also noticed I was able to mingle and socialize more freely since I wasn't glued to the food table.

I had a few moments.  When my son and I arrived, the meal was still being prepared.  The appetizers were set out.  My pulse quickened. I spied crackers, chips, dips, and cheese.  Before I could pause and breathe, my greedy little hand swooped up a piece of cheese.  I had planned on having a little appetizer plate with a few choice items. And not going back for seconds. But I didn't see any little plates. And I was getting a little anxious. So I walked away!

I visited with my brother, who hosts the Thanksgiving meal each year. He goes all out. He had ham and turkey.  Usually he brines the turkey himself, but my sister-in-law said they cheated this year and bought a pre-brined bird. 

Brining makes the turkey so moist and succulent. I have never tried it myself. But I am a believer!

Anyway, my brother asked me if I would like a hard apple cider. I took this as a sign. Hard apple cider is gluten free. While beer is not.

I ended up picking at the appetizers a bit. But I mostly chose raw veggies and dip. 

At the dinner table we did our traditional Thanksgiving blessing. Then we went around the table and said what we were thankful for.  After that was the traditional "tossing of the rolls".  :)

My brother takes a basket of assorted dinner rolls and tosses them to each of us. Underhand. He came to me and asked if I wanted one. "No thank you", I said. Hoping it would end there. I actually heard someone gasp! "I'm gluten free now", I said.  I saw my brother smirk. I told him that my daughter advised me not to talk about my gluten free lifestyle. She says it is annoying to the other guests.  My brother said, "She's right". Everyone laughed.

It was actually a pleasant moment. Until the oyster stuffing came around. My father has been begging my mother for as long as I can remember to make oyster stuffing for Thanksgiving. He has fond memories of his mother's oyster stuffing.

She finally relented.  And it smelled divine!  She made it with homemade cornbread she explained, looking sideways at me. I didn't ask, but I assumed this was not gluten free.  And since we had gotten past my gluten free moment at the tossing of the rolls, I decided right then and there to not worry about it. I ate a small helping of oyster stuffing. It melted in my mouth. The oyster flavor was there, but not overpowering. I tried not to swoon. But I did have an extra helping.

About an hour later I regretted it. I heard my tummy start to gurgle in protest. I excused myself. And spent several hours in pain. In the restroom.  No further details necessary.

My sister-in-law gave me a 7-up. My tummy calmed down. I visited with my nephew. We sat side by side in rocking chairs. Rocking. It soothed my nerves and upset intestinal tract.  We talked about the state of the world. My nephew is very well read.  I actually took notes. 

Then my brother asked who wanted pie. At least we don't have a tossing of the pie!  I asked him what the choices were.  He told me pumpkin or raspberry. I told him I would like pumpkin. "But I just won't eat the crust", I muttered to noone in particular. I looked up and noticed everyone starting at me oddly. But it passed.

It was overall a very pleasant gathering. And a notch of success on my healthy lifestyle belt!

Today is Thanksgiving II. I am making tabbouli with quinoa instead of bulgar. And I just have to make Crack Tots!

Crack Tots

But, before you judge me, I am using turkey sausage and putting lots of fresh peppers and onions in the mix.  I was talking about it last night and everyone was joking about it. We need humor!

I just won't do a tossing of the Crack Tots at the dinner table!

Happy Friday!


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