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Day 203: Pound!

I decided against the crack tots for our Thanksgiving II dinner.

Instead, I opted for a tomato, cucumber, parsley and onion salad with a lemon, garlic, olive oil vinaigrette. I also bought  some gluten free quinoa pasta and gluten free English muffins. My mom was bringing spaghetti with meatballs, garlic bread and pumpkin pie. I had to arm myself. Heavily. My mother usually brings enough food to feed an army.

I woke up with a smile on my face yesterday.  Yes, I felt full from our Thanksgiving I Feast. But I felt relatively free of the usual regret that holiday family meals

And I was excited to go to the gym!

Wow.  Things have changed in my life! :)

I spent some time snuggling with Honey Dog in the morning, getting caught up on Facebook, emails and updated my blog. Then I made a rice bowl with a bit of leftover turkey and green beans on top.

Then I bundled up and walked to the bus stop. There was a bit of a wait, so I stopped at the little coffee cart across the street. I had a soy latte with light brown sugar cinnamon syrup. Ah, do I really deserve such sublime pleasure?  Yes! I believe I do!

The sky was clear and blue. The sun was bright. And it was bitter cold. But I felt very happy.  No work.  Just a workout, the grocery store and then our second family dinner.

As I checked in at the gym, I asked the front desk girl about the classes. I had not up until just that moment considered attending a class. I have peered into the classroom out of curiosity, but haven't set a toe inside. Fear of failure or looking like a bumbling idiot are two possible reasons for my hesitation. She told me I could view the class schedule online and could attend any class free with my basic membership. Talk about bumbling idiot! I thought my basic gym membership ($9.99 a Month) EXCLUDED classes! I have no excuse now!

I looked at the schedule last night. My daughter went over the class descriptions with me and made some suggestions. (She goes to the same gym, and unlike her introverted, socially awkward mother, she boldly walked right in and tried "Power Pilates" on her first day as a a member. Geesh, 25 year-olds- what do they know! Lol)

She recommended "Pound". Ok. The name did not attract me. But she insisted I would love it, so I read the description: "Channel your inner performer and rock your body with this modern-day fusion of movement and music. Drum along to a slammin' soundtrack using Ripstix™ – weighted drumsticks designed to transform drumming into a kick-ass, fat burning, full body interval workout that will leave you dripping sweat. Difficulty Level: All Levels. Duration: 60 minutes" (

She said we use sticks that we "drum" with. I'm in!  So excited! 

I must note, however, that when I mentioned the class, "Tread n' Shed", she said, "No, Mom. You don't want that class, trust me." When I pressed for details, she said, "Running on a treadmill with someone in your face yelling at you the whole time, noone needs that"! lol  Here is the description for "Tread n' Shed" I think I will skip it! "This badass cardio class will put you on the treadmill to melt away calories. In it, you’ll use sprints and slow walks with varying speeds and ramp heights to get a workout that’s got all the ups and downs of a roller coaster." (

She also recommended "Yoga Body Sculpt": This strength-building Vinyasa flow class focuses on sculpting your buns and thighs while flattening your belly and strengthening your core.Difficulty Level: All Level. Duration: 60 minutes. (

I am aiming for the yoga class first. I can't wait to report back!

Today, I am going to Mass and then a good long cardio workout. I have a couple of students - I was going to take today off before I get super busy next week, but I've had requests from students. I can't resist that!  

Then I plan on a good, long piano practice session. My chamber group has several holiday gigs coming up. Also the adult choir I accompany has a concert mid December.

Busy times. But my plan is to enjoy this season, not just get through it. And I plan on begin trimmer and fitter by the end of the year!

Happy Saturday!

Me playing in a concert with Portland Chamber Music.  I NEED music! :)


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