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Day 296: Infidels of the late 1700's

I found an old book that I love. It is called A Morning Cup of Yoga by Jane Goad Trechsel. It has simple illustrations and instructions on a pleasant morning ritual of stretching.

I went through the whole sequence while listening to Placido Domingo sing "Il mio tesoro" (Mozart "Don Giovanni"). I am feeling so much more limber and flexbile!

Still sore and aching joints though. :(  

I believe that after this upcoming concert, when I start back to morning walking, I shall feel better. For now, I am stretching and walking to and from houses of students.  Unfortunately, I am carrying a heavy backpack, which probably accounts for some of my pain.

My hymn of the day is "I Love thy Kindom Lord". Words by Timothy Dwight. Music by Aaron Williams. 

1 I love thy kingdom, Lord,
the house of thine abode,
the church our blest Redeemer saved
with his own precious blood.
2 I love thy church, O God.
Her walls before thee stand,
dear as the apple of thine eye,
and graven on thy hand.
3 For her my tears shall fall;
for her my prayers ascend;
to her my cares and toils be given,
till toils and cares shall end.
4 Beyond my highest joy
I prize her heavenly ways:
her sweet communion, solemn vows,
her hymns of love and praise.
5 Sure as thy truth shall last,
to Zion shall be given
the brightest glories earth can yield,
and brighter bliss of heaven.
I read an intriguing story about Timothy Dwight in my book Then Sings My Soul by Robert Morgan.  
You think times are hard now? Think again! Think back to the late 1700's! 
During the late 1700's, "the "Rationalist" movement, sweeping over classroom and dormitorz, had turned most professors and students into infidels".
(Then Sings My Soul, Book 2, Robert Morgan)

"During the last decade of the eighteenth century," wrote J. Edwin Orr, "the typical Harvard student was atheist...Christians were so unpopular they met in secret and kept their minutes in code." (Then Sings My Soul, Book 2, Robert Morgan)

Luckily for Yale, Timothy Dwight came along.  
"Timothy entered Yale at age 13, and was so devoted to his studies that he neglected exercise and sleep. He even limited himself to twelve mouthfuls of vegetables at meals, so as not to overeat and dull his mind. He went on to become a pastor and community leader. In 1795, he was elected president of Yale...After seven years of preaching, teaching and praying, Dwight saw a revival break out at Yale in which one third of the student body was converted. This spiritual resurgence touched other colleges, too: Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth and many others. This "Second Great Awakening", provided the spiritual leadership America needed for the next generation...The spirit of revival permeates Dwight's "I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord," which is based on a portion of Psalm 137. It is the oldest American hymn in continual use.
(Then Sings My Soul, Book 2, Robert Morgan)

I definitely need to continue to take care of my health. I am going to have live a good many more years to study all there is to know. And it is just the tip of the iceberg!
Happy Monday!


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