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Year Three, Day 230: Her Grandma's Red Hair

My winter break is drawing to a close. I have a full day of teaching lined up tomorrow. 
I decided to spend the night again with my daughter, son-in-law and Babie Gracie again. I will not be able to spend as much time with them once winter term begins officially on January 2nd.

I just finished my last course of Prednisone. I have barely coughed this last week.  My son-in-law works in mattress sales.  He let me try out one of the top of the line models when we visited him in his store in Battleground a few days ago.

I was in heaven. If I had a mattress like that, I might not ever get out of bed! He knows about my struggles with the cough. He had me lay down on a mattress with an adjustable base and massaging unit. He used a remote control to raise the head. 

I think that is a big piece of this puzzle. I have been sleeping on a recliner in my daughter's trailer. When I finally made it to my rented room, I placed a wedge under the head of my mattress. It looked like a hospital bed. But looks mean nothing. It was most comfortable to sleep with my head elevated. And so lovely to sleep through the night without dissolving in a fit of coughing, hacking and wheezing!

I've been attempting to stick to a healthy diet. I'm convinced that the cough is also related to GERD. So I try to end all eating 3 to 4 hours before bed. I've cut back on dairy. I've let a bit creep in, in the form of cheese over the holidays.  Difficult to resist. But the beauty of this lifestyle, is that when I stray, I know how to get back on track.

In a nutshell, I eat a green banana every morning.  Drink a cup of hot tea.  A few hours later I have an egg or oatmeal.  For lunch I eat rice and many vegetables, except tomatoes, onions and peppers, a bit of sauteed chicken, fish or tofu. Then I have melon for desert.

Dinner is pho or a big salad.

I am eliminating wheat, dairy, sugar and fried foods. I must sound like a broken record. But I found I learn best through repetition!

My daughter and I took my mother out for lunch in honor of the New Year.  She wanted to go to the Black Bear Diner in Vancouver. A fun time was had by all!

After my mother went home to take care of my dad (he has Parkinson's and had a stroke two Christmas's ago.  He is doing well under my mom's care. Her 30 years of RN experience has paid off!), my daughter and I headed to Fred Meyer's. Baby Gracie is always a happy baby at Fred Meyer's. She loves to look at the people as we shop. 

We planned on spending the afternoon food prepping. I got some dried fruit and nuts to put in baggies for healthy snacks. 

We decided to make a tamale casserole in her Instant Pot for dinner. There will be leftovers for them for the weekend.  We also assembled little breakfast bowls for her husband to take to work.  We layered O'Brien hash browns in each little plastic container, topper with scrambled egg, a bit of ground beef, cheese, and bacon, topped with diced tomatoes. 

We put together all our meals at home while we took turns keeping Gracie amused and happy.  We purposely kept the television off until we completed all our chores. 

I find if the tv is on constantly, I feel agitated and less productive.  But when the tamale casserole was done, the food prepped for the next week, and the kitchen cleaned, we sat down to eat and watch a movie.  We chose "Mrs. Doubtfire".  This was a family favorite when my kids were young. My daughter and I can recite many of the lines by heart. We haven't watched it for years.

It seems even funnier now!

I am feeling very warm and loved.  Gracie is sleeping on her mom's lap. Honey Dog is on her doggie pillow. 

I am looking forward to the New Year.  Years ago, I stopped making resolutions.  I personally feel it sets me up for failure. Instead, I write "New Year's Additions". I am going to review the last few years' additions and come up with a few for 2018.

But the best addition is already here - my granddaughter! And my new role as grandmother is my best role yet!

As I was waiting at the curb for my daughter to bring the car around, a group of older women stopped to admire Baby Gracie. One of them said, "She is so cute. And she has her grandma's red hair!"

Talk to you tomorrow!



P.S. Here is today's hooping video. Day 192!  It was much warmer today.  I made a dash outside between rain showers.  It feels good to get my routine in! I am hoping the cough will stay away long enough for me to get in a weight lifting workout at the gym. I am aiming for tomorrow - that would be a great way to say good by to the old year and hello to the new year!


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