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Year Three, Day 228: Eating Chips in a Trailer

Yesterday was a wonderful, but exhausting day!  It was still rather icy in the morning. My daughter's husband had to work in Battleground. My daughter and I decided to spend most of the day out there, since their truck had a bad tire.  If hubby took the car, we would be confined to a trailer. For 10th hours.

We bundled Baby Gracie and we drove out to the lovely town of Battleground, WA.

Battleground has changed  since I'd been there last. Oh, say about 30+ years ago!

We were all quite worn out, from a weekend of family activities.  So the first thing we sought was a Starbucks.  Good ol' Starbucks. There were two on Main Street near his work!  We grabbed our coffees and dropped him off at work. Bundled up Baby Gracie and put her in her stroller and took off on foot, to see where we would end up.

We were looking for a breakfast spot, but the restaurant we had found online was closed.  Something told me to go around the back of the building. I had seen a little coffee shop.

"But we already have our coffee, Mom!" said my daughter.

But something propelled me onward. Probably the brisk winter wind. We needed to find a place to eat soon, or else go back and get the car.  It was chilly!  Baby Gracie was sleeping soundly, bundled in her winter suit, covered in a blanket, cap and the hood of the stroller down.

But my daughter and I had chattering teeth.

We found the coffee shop. Main Street Cafe ( we were both nearly jumping with joy to discover it had Russian food!  My son and daughter went to a Russian family daycare when they were babies. And then a Ukranian family for after school care.  My daughter actually spoke Russian as a toddler. She can't remember any words now. But she sure does remember the food!

They had two kinds of soup: Borscht and Solyanka.  Served with a dollop of sour cream and dark rye bread.  I said a prayer to Jesus and then told my daughter it would be ok for me to eat the bread this time.  I had a feeling it would not bother my digestive tract to eat GOOD bread.

And it didn't!  The soup was delicious!  After our soup breakfast, we wandered around the Russian grocery store attached to the cafe. I love looking at all the lovely pickled veggies and sauces.

We finally wandered back outside with full bellies. Baby Gracie was still sleeping, so we went back to grab the car. My daughter had the forethought to put a basket of laundry in the car. We drove to the laundromat, which was in the same parking lot as the Main Street Cafe.  We did some laundry, and then headed over to Walgreens across the street to print some pictures from my daughter's phone. She has over 3,000 pics of Baby Gracie and she is just barely 4 months old!  She printed hard copies for presents so she could clear her cache a bit.

I should talk. I have at least 2,000!

After all that work, we were hungry again. And so was my son-in-law!  We grabbed some Mexican food and took it back to his work. He still had about 6 hours left in his shift and the roads looked quite clear. So we decided to head back to Vancouver.  I was wanting to stop and find a cheap, but thick soled pair of boots. My feet were cold! I had the same boots on that I had worn to the homeless party on Saturday. They looked nice, but the soles were thin.

We got back into town, and decided to see if Fred Meyer's was having any good sales since it was the day after Christmas.  We also needed food for dinner.  No more eating out - I suggested a big salad.

We were so happy to see that all boots were 50% off!  I am now walking around in sturdy soled boots. Feet are happy and warm. You might be able to see them if you look closely at today's hooping video. Day 190!  (Yesterday my hooping video was quite short. The pavement was icy and I was having a hard time staying upright!)

After dinner, we headed home and brought the groceries and laundry inside. Gracie had woken up when we pulled into the parking lot of Fred Meyer's.  So my daughter fed her and then put her in her baby pack. She loves facing outward and looking at the people as we walk around. I think it is because of her cute face that the cashier gave my daughter and I an extra discount for our boots!

After we got settled at home, my daughter told me she was going to drive back out to Battleground and pick up her husband at 8 p.m. I had an odd feeling. It was dark. It had gotten cold again. They turn off the water for the trailer when it gets below freezing.

I did not want my daughter driving alone.

"We'll come with you", I said.

She told me firmly that she would rather I stay home with Baby Grace. That she would be careful and her husband would drive home.

"It is only a 20 minute drive, Mom", she said knowingly. "I feel like Grace has been in her car seat too long today already. I will leave you a bottle of milk, but I will feed her before I leave. We'll be back in an hour."

I nodded. Trying to ignore the lump in my stomach.

She left. I settled down in the rocking chair with Baby Gracie.  I read her a story and rocked her.  She seemed sleepy. Soon she put her sweet little head on my shoulder and feel asleep.  I sighed. Said a prayer for my daughter and son-in-law's safe travel.  I put in a movie:  "Spy Games" with Brad Pitt and Robert Redford.

It was about half way through the movie, when Grace started to grunt. She moved her head about.  I repositioned her. Then she became stiff as a board, threw her head back and wailed like a banshee!

I have never heard her scream like that. I thought something was pinching her. I checked her diaper. I got up and walked with her. I sang to her.  Then I got out her bottle.  I remembered that the water had been turned off. I usually place the bottle in a mug of hot water to warm it.  The water temp in their trailer is so hot, you can make tea without boiling water in a kettle!

This bottle was ice cold from the fridge.  I knew that you were not supposed to microwave breast milk.  Maybe she was hungry enough that the temperature would not bother her.


I tried to give her the bottle. She took one slurp, and threw her head back screaming louder!

My daughter and I have been wondering if she is starting to teethe.  She sometimes got unreasonably cranky, especially at night. I tried to give her a teething ring. She spit it across the room!

I felt horrible. To see her so upset, and not know why. I was almost in tears because I could not seem to console her.

After about 10 minutes of high pitched shrieking, the door opened.  I was so happy to see my daughter!

Even happier was Baby Gracie!

My daughter sat in the chair and held out her arms. Gracie whimpered a bit and then stopped crying. She settled down, nursed for about an hour and slept all through the night!

I guess it was ok for her to rant and rave at her grandma if she got a good night's sleep!

But after everyone was in bed, I sat in the recliner.  I felt the need to be comforted. Then I remembered!

I had half of a small bag of chips from Christmas Day. After the movies, I didn't have time for dinner, so I stopped at 7-11 and got chicken wings and chips. I had stashed them in the fruit bowl in the kitchen. I was so happy. I practically skipped to the kitchen and grabbed the precious bag, and a glass of water (they had brought back bottled water from the store). I also grabbed a handful of Hershey's kisses, just in case.

I had happily munched most of the bag, when I sensed a presence.

My daughter was standing over me holding a bowl. And a very serious look on her face.

"Mom", she said.  "One cannot expect to eat a bag of chips in a trailer and not wake the whole family. Hand them over!"

I reluctantly gave them up. She poured them in the bowl and instructed me to eat quietly.

"At least you won't be rustling the bag", she reprimended me sternly. She turned on her heel and marched off to bed.

I couldn't help myself. I broke down and had the biggest belly laugh I've had in a long time. Tears were flowing!

My son walked into the living room, peering at me with concern. I couldn't talk, I was doubled over with laughter.

"She's lost it", said my daughter chuckling softly.

They went back to bed. I silently chewed the rest of the chips, savoring their salty goodness. Knowing the holidays are drawing to a close. Time to start eating healthy again. With a sigh, I put down the empty bowl. And proceeded to take the foil wrapping off a handful of Hershey's Kisses.

Going out in a blaze of glory am I!

Talk to you tomorrow.




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