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Year Three, Day 227: Medium Popcorn, Extra Butter

I'm blogging at 4:25 a.m. Wednesday morning. I set out to do it last night at 10:30. But I passed out. Most tired was I. From a long day with my daughter and Gracie. A long, happy, productive day. Complete with icy roads, laundry, walking and babysitting.

But before I talk about yesterday, I want to tell you about my Star Wars adventure!

Don't worry. I won't spoil it for you if you have not yet seen it.

It was the extraordinary! I was in the edge if my seat the whole time. I loved going to the theater alone! I was able to relax and focus on the screen. I didn't have to make awkward awkward conversation. Just the movie, my popcorn and I!

Ok. About that popcorn. I was so excited to have my own bag. With no one to condemn me for the extra butter. I like butter on my popcorn. Let's out it this way: I like my popcorn SWIMMING in butter!

So after I purchased my ticket, I trapsed merrily over to the concession stand. A young bespectacled man took my order.
"One medium popcorn, with lots of extra butter and a small soda", I grinned.

Behind me, a trim, rather stern looking woman asked for popcorn, "dry, no butter".

I shuddered. Dry popcorn reminds me of Styrofoam.

The young man handed me my cup. I turned around and filled it with my poison of choice: Diet Coke. It had been awhile. I was so looking forward to the combination of hot, buttered popcorn, and the fizzy cold bite of a Diet Coke. Heaven was at hand!

I returned to the bespectacled lad, soda in hand. He handed me my bag. I paid the exorbitant price of movie theater popcorn and drink and headed into Auditorium 4. I found a single seat, away from the crowd and settled in happily just as the previews began.

I put my soda in the drink holder and dug into my bag of popcorn.


It seemed dry. I did not detect a drop of butter. I decided to practice mindful eating. Even though there was no one sitting next to me that I would annoy with my animal like eating, It is always good to be mindful. I ate one or two jetneks at a time, followed by a swig of soda. Still dry. I shook the bag. Perhaps all the butter had settled in the bottom of the bag?

Suddenly the screen went dark. And the legendary words appeared:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away...

And I got lost in the movie. Which was simply amazing.

I never found any butter on my popcorn. I am guessing in an auditorium not so far away, a trim, stern looking woman was horrified to find extra butter on her popcorn.

Ok. True confession. It is now 11:33 a.m. I fell asleep again at 5 a.m. with my cell phone in my hand. Mid blog.

I will blog about yesterday later today.

Until then, stay safe and warm.

And may the force be with you!



P.S. This is yesterday's hoop video. Day 189


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