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Year Three, Day 214: Fate, L-Lysine and Eliminating Dairy

I believe in fate.

There I was. Having lunch. Suddenly my phone rang. It was the father of two of my students.

I rarely get phone calls these days, other than family members. Parents of students usually text or email.

I was tempted to let it go to voicemail, so I could enjoy my lunch. But then I realized it was Wednesday. His kids usually had a lesson with me on Wednesday. Maybe he forgot that I had a homeless concert that I was playing, and wouldn't be teaching.

So I answered. I was right. He couldn't recall if there was a lesson today. I reminded him that I was not teaching because I was playing the piano with my friends of Portland Chamber Music. We play music for several homeless meals over the holidays. Tonight was Portland Rescue Mission. One of my favorite gigs.

He then asked me when their next lesson was.

I told him I needed to do so serious work on my health, so I was going to take the next few weeks off. We would resume lessons after the New Year.

He said that was fine, but he had some recommendations for strengthening my immune system.

He and his wife are nurses. He said when the kids get sick, they put them on a strict vegan diet, eating only organic fruits and vegetables and a little rice. They remove wheat, dairy, meat and sugar. And they take Vitamin C and L-Lysine.

He said dairy, in particular is a breeding ground for illness.

I thanked him and asked him to hold on while I got out a pen and paper. Then I asked him to repeat his recommendations.

I finished my lunch and went immediately to Walgreens for L-Lysine. I did some research online. L-lysine is an amino with many health benefits. You can read about it here on Dr Axe' s website:
I feel hopeful. I like that this is a temporary dietary solution. He told me that I should notice results in one or two days from eliminating dairy alone.

On that note, I need to call it a night. I am on Baby Gracie duty. She just went to sleep. And so shall I!

Talk to you tomorrow.



P.S. Here is today's hoop video. Day 178!


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