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Day 215: Another Glove Story

I worked out this morning at 6:30 a.m.

I had a really good strong workout. I actually sweated!  I did an 8 minute mile on the elyptical machine.  I was really burning!  And then I did some weights - Chest and tricep. And I finished with crunches!

It was raining steady, not heavy, but steady. Not too cold.  I was waiting for the bus to go to Mass when the wind picked up. There were 3 or 4 of us huddled under the shelter of a bus stop.  I called the "transit tracker" to find out when the bus was due. 9 minutes.  I could handle it. I had my sensible rubber boots, my bubble umbrella and my sparkly gloves. But the young lady next to me was shivering. She glanced at me and asked when the bus was arriving.  I told her. She said she had been waiting over a half hour because she missed her last bus. She kind of chuckled, but I she looked cold and miserable. She was wearing leggings, a t-shirt and an old hooded sweatshirt. She had a bag full of soggy looking items.  We talked about the weather a bit. She was very sweet and friendly. I showed her my new boots. She had really old ones.  She also didn't have any gloves.

No gloves! My chance to help! I asked her if she had any gloves just as the bus arrived. She said she did. "Ok", I said, "I just wondered if you needed a pair. I always buy extra and I have a brand new pair in my backpack." She looked back at me.

"Well, actually my gloves have holes in them", she said.

So on the bus, I pulled out a nice new pair of gloves. They were blue and green. She put them on and smiled.  "They look nice on you", I said.

She thanked me and we chatted for awhile. "You are really easy to talk to", she said. "I don't know if anyone has ever told you that".

Then she popped up to exit the bus. We waved goodbye.  And my heart soared.

These little moments of giving. They give me so much joy. I hope as much as the receiver.

I went to Mass and for the first time in my entire life, I was present with each and every word. It really sunk in.

Then I went to a school, to rehearse with grades 1 - 3 for the "Portland Musical".  I am taking a break at the library before my evening students.

But I think my glove story is sufficient for today. Tomorrow is another day.  I think I'd better stop at the store and buy more gloves!

Happy Thursday! :)

Peace and Joy!



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