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Day 223: Still Alive!

Was in a hurry yesterday. I was achy in the morning yet again, so got up late. Too late, in fact to make it to the gym on the bus, back home to shower and change and then to the school for the afternoon performance of the Portland Musical I was accompanying.

I knew I needed to get some exercise.  And, although it sounded like a monsoon outside (there have been flood warnings in the greater Portland area), I put on my rain parka, rain boots and scarf and hightailed it to the trail! I did a good mile. The cold rain got my sore, tired feet moving quite briskly.

And I am a better woman for it!

Both performances went really well. I was so inspired that I called my daughter during the break. When she was in third grade, her class performed the Portland Musical. And I was the accompanist! Such nostalgia!

Oh, but that was about 18 years ago.  Portland has changed a lot since then. I found out that the director, Jeanne bought the rights to the musical from the original composer, Ralph Nelson. And she has brought it up to date.

The kids talked about the flood of 1996 and how Vera Katz pleaded with the public to come down to the Willamette River and help save Portland.

They sung some songs about the continuous rain in Portland. Highly appropriate for today, I might add!

Anyway, the reason I called my daughter is I just had this bright idea for our family Christmas celebration.

I may have mentioned my introverted nature. Odd person I am. I am uncomfortable at dinner parties and get togethers.  But I enjoy teaching and being on stage.  I am fine one-on-one and with immediate family and close friends.  But if we play games or have a theme or an activity, I feel much better. So what better way to unite us and ease my social anxiety than to put on a family version of the Portland Musical!

My daughter was on board! I was thrilled. I decided I would edit it. Cut out a lot. (The musical at the school took over an hour).  I thought I would just put in the really interesting facts.  But alas, my son and son-in-law kind of rolled their eyes and said "well, maybeee..." then they went back to watching the Blazers.


I still have time to talk them into it.

Today, the only thing on the agenda besides Mass and the gym is a rehearsal for my piano students this afternoon. We have a recital coming up this weekend.

Aside from that, I have wide open spaces on the calendar. I LIKE!

Perhaps this would be a good day for a massage.  Anyday is a good day for a massage, really. But my neck, back, feet and shoulders feel like they have been run over by a truck. And then the truck went into reverse...

But whining will not get me anywhere. I need to start my day.

It is very wet outside. And cold. Dark too.

But I am alive!

Happy Friday! :)


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