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Day 234: Breathing Deeply and Smelling the Pho!

Pho Hung: 4717 SE Powell Blvd,

The bone broth turned out better than I had imagined! I used lamb chops. I baked them and then threw them in the crockpot with one half of a minced onion and two cloves minced garlic. Covered the whole shibang with water and left it on low all day.

The kids and I drove over to Vancouver to see my mom and dad. My dad was released yesterday. That sounds funny, like he just got out of prison. But he says it felt like prison because they kept tabs on him. And if he tried to get out of bed, the alarms would sound off.  But he didn't seem too upset. The nurses were really good to him. I overheard this conversation the other day as we were leaving:

Dad: "Why do you have to fuss over me so much?"

Nurse: "Because we love you!"

Dad: "You just love the IDEA of me!"

That made me laugh.  He must be feeling better, because he is back to his wise cracks.

Yesterday we went over to offer support to my mom and clear out some more of the vcr's and videos.

He was sitting in his recliner, covered with a blanket when we arrived.  My mom showed me the setup and all of his meds.  He had a walker. And a urinal.  Oy.

Apparently the downstairs bathroom is not functioning, so he also has a portable commode.  Double oy.

But that is wise. He should not be going upstairs anytime soon. She had made him a nice bed on the sofa. Surrounded by piles of videos. We got to work making a wider path and checking the floors for any bumps that he might get his walker stuck on. The men piled a good deal of vcrs and videos in the back room.

It looked a lot safer when we were done. But we will have a family member go over every day this week. At least to give my mom a break.

I got in a brief workout in the morning.  We are planning to go over again tomorrow, but I told everyone I have to get to the gym first if they want me to be pleasant.

After we visited with my parents, I went to Jiffy Lube with my son. He pulled up and asked for the standard oil, lube and filter. The very nice attendant told us we could wait in the waiting room. He motioned us over and said they had coffee and hot cocoa.

So I marched right on over and bounced off the sliding glass door!  The attendant came running. He said, "Did that really just happen?" Boy was my face red! I was fine, except for my pride. The sliding door was shut. I thought it was open. I must be stressed!

After my encounter with the closed sliding glass door, my son and I went out for Pho. Our all time favorite restaurant (even higher up than Tom's!) is Pho Hung on SE Powell.  Best Pho in Portland! I believe it was the first pho restaurant in Portland. We have been going there for over 20 years.  If ever I feel like I coming down with a cold or sore throat, I head to Pho Hung. And order extra onions and dollops of hot sauce in  my soup.  It kicks that bug nearly every time. Plus, it is very yummy! And the aroma is divine. They are just up the street from St. Ignatius, the church I have been attending lately. When I walk by early in the morning, the smell of their simmering broth wafts out and seems to surround me, permeating my senses. I often salivate. Pho Hung is a happy, friendly place. The staff all knows us. Another family joint! And last night the cashier gave me a hug and a discount. No reason, other than he is very kind. He is a Jehovah's Witness. I have many witness friend's. I studied the bible with several over the years. Sometimes I would run into my Pho Hung friend at kingdom hall. Jehovah's Witnesses are misunderstood as a group. As are Catholics. And homeless people. I have learned more about God's love, Jesus, and biblical truths from these people than some who claim to be Christians. Not all. No group defines all of its members. See the individual, I always say.

Ok. Sermon is over.

Back home I fished the meat and onions out of the bone broth.  I tossed the bones and onions. I cut up the meat and boiled some water. Added potatoes, carrots and celery. When they were done, I drained the pot and added a cup of bone broth, salt, pepper and a can of diced tomatoes.  I cooked that for a few minutes.

I was still full from pho, but my son, daughter and son-in-law made yummy sounds as they ate the stew. My son-in-law said it tasted like venison. He is a bow hunter. He loves his game!

So overall yesterday was a success. I still over ate. My tummy is still bloated. But all my family members are safe and sound. 

Today I will workout and attempt to eat healthier.  I am going to try sipping cups of bone broth before meals. I've been researching the health benefits and potentiala l weight loss attributed to bone broth consumption. Wow, that was a profoundly pompous sentence!

You know, I have been very worried about my family. I have a knot in my gut from anxiety. I recite a prayer when it gets overwhelming.  Today I will also breathe deeply and try to stay in the present moment.  I need to write in my prayer journal.  And practice my piano too! But for now, I shall get vertical and start my day.

Happy Tuesday!


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