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Day 219: The Joys of Adult Children

Still glowing from last night's performance. The chamber music group I perform with (Portland Chamber Music) had our holiday fundraiser at the most sublime venue. A little restaurant, "Vie de Boheme" (

I felt like I had come home when I walked in last night. Dark, except for strings of lights. Old lamps and antique looking chandeliers. Bottles of wine and kegs. Small, intimate tables.  My inner Gypsy was pleased!

We had a very enthusiastic crowd. I had one of my newer piano students come with her mom, grandma and sister. These girls are 7 and 5. They stayed for the entire concert, which was well over two hours!

Best of all, my 23 year-old, hip-hop, rap loving son surprised me by showing up. I had put him on the comp list, but didn't really expect to see him. And he stayed. For the whole concert. Gave me a ride home.  And he had many wonderful observations. I think this mother-son talk in the car after the concert - about the music, the people, is one of the highlights in my life.  I truly felt present in the moment of the whole concert.

The restaurant gave us free drinks and food. I just had a glass of Chardonnay. Which made me feel quite Bohemian, playing the piano with my wine glass nearby.  I behaved myself with the food, mostly snacking on olives, hummus, salsa and corn chips.

I am off and running to Mass. Much to be thankful for.

And I am looking forward to the gym afterwards. My daughter wasn't able to come to my concert last night. She worked. But she expressed an interest in coming to the gym with me today.

Life is interesting. My adult children wanting to spend time with their mom.  I must have done something right.

Happy Monday! :)


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