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Day 229: I Can't Feel My Face/Comfortably Numb/Let it Rain- Thank you President Obama!! :)

Happy Teeth!

I just had a very successful dental visit. I  usually cringe when I think of all those high-pitched whirring, squealing instruments.

But I found a wonderful dentist. And I have Obama to thank for the insurance. Because of Obamacare I am able to qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, since they lowered the income requirements. Thank you President Obama!

I have two chipped teeth on my  lower front. Ugly. Shameful. Makes it look like I practice poor dental hygiene. But I brush and floss religiously! I didn't have a cavity until I was 36! But I think my binge eating caught up with me. And my 6-pack of Diet Coke-a-day habit. This is embarrassing to admit!


So when my dentist asked if I was numb yet, after the shot of Novocaine, I told her "I can't feel my face"! The assistant started to giggle. Later I told her I was "comfortably numb". Then when assistant sprayed my mouth with water, she said, "Let it rain"!

I have never enjoyed a dental appointment so much in my life!  I wished these wonderful women a Merry Christmas. They said they were closing up early today.

It helps to have a playlist, doesn't it!

I should add, "Don't worry, Be Happy"! Good song for the season. And for life!

Happy Thursday!

Peace, joy and love.



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January 2, 2019

At my library office.  So many thoughts. Most of which I cannot share publicly.

My son is doing well.  My family is well.  My cough has returned, but I am taking care of it. Mostly with my ginger/lemon/honey tea concoction. Heavy on the ginger, light on the honey.

I have decided I need to be nicer to myself.  Someone has to!

My New Year's Addition this year is simple: "Love myself so I can love others".

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Happy New Year! The year 2020 - it sounds most science fiction!
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Honestly, this New Year's Eve was probably the most enjoyable and memorable of my life.  We danced, we played "Nay" (Gracie's word for horse), we ordered McDonald's from Uber Eats.  I felt I needed a Diet Coke to make it through the evening. Grace got her first Happy Meal. She immediate took the bun off of her burger and peeled off the cheese before she ate it.  I ordered bottled water and apple slices for her so she didn't get too much junk in her system.

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