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Day 340: The Unfortunate Potato Day

I just want to start today's post by saying I am so blessed to have family that loves me and wants to spend time with me.

I am often so wrapped up in myself: how I feel, what I need to get done, how to find time for myself, that I don't appreciate what I do have.

I have two adult children, age 24 and 26 and a son-in-law, age 28, that all seem to enjoy hanging out with me. They actually call me. They ask me to dinner. They ask my opinion. They request my presence for board games and for watching "The Voice".

This morning was a good morning. As I mentioned yesterday, adapting my schedule to accommodate piano practice first thing before the gym has brought me peace. I don't spend most of my day feeling guilty because I haven't practice. And I don't spend time after work trying to get practice in.

I officially wrote "family time" at the end of my daily schedule.

I was pleased that my practice went well today.  Shorter sessions more frequently works best for me. I advise my piano students to practice every single day. Even if for a few minutes. I read somewhere that researchers found the brain makes progress in leaps in bounds with regular, consistent short sessions, rather than one big cram. Like I used to do in college. And am still guilty of doing for performance! 

There, a true confession!

I am also still feeling much better. I think due to the increased water and regular gym workouts. They are still too short. But I always end with a sauna session, which seems to release toxins as I sweat. And I am less achy the next day.

I am still working on portion control.  And quality of food consumption. Yesterday was an unfortunate potato day. We were out of eggs, so I made a potato/cauliflower/jalapeno/kale hash for breakfast. Then my son wanted to go out to dinner with me before my evening students.  The Bagdad Pub was in the neighborhood.  The Bagdad is a McMennamen's pub.  Unfortunately I did not consult my brain before we sat down. Because, alas it was happy hour. And before I knew it, I had gleefully ordered truffle fries and a hot dog! (sans bun).  And my son had a hot dog, tomato bisque and Cajun fries. I had been praising the Cajun fries since I had them at the Kennedy School with my chamber group a few weeks ago.

I couldn't eat all my fries, so I took a to go box. When I came home later in the evening, and wanted a little snack, the truffle fries were calling my name!

So I had potatoes essentially for breakfast, lunch and dinner! OY!

Luckily the scale hasn't budged. Still stuck at 189. At least it hasn't gone up!

Today my breakfast consisted of half an apple and hot tea.

Lunch was  a bowl of Turkey chili. Afternoon snack was 2 rice cakes, a gluten free oat/almond cookie and tea.

I haven't had dinner yet, but I guarantee it will not consist of potatoes!

I was reading from Beth Moore's Breaking Free this morning. I have to share what I read. I called and left a voicemail for my parents. My father is seeking questions about spirituality at the "end of his days" (in his words). I don't know if this will resonate with him. It did with me:

"Everyday of our lives - to live victoriously - we must learn to pour out our hearts to God, confess sin daily so nothing will hinder Him, acknowledge every hollow place, and invite Him to fill us fully. Then we continue to fan the flame of His love by reading Scripture, listening to edifying music and praying often. We also need to avoid things that obviously quench His Spirit. When you make a daily practice of inviting His love to fill your hollow places and make sure you are not hindering the process , God will begin to satisfy you more than a double cheeseburger!"

 On that nite, Happy Thursday! :)


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