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Day 352: This Thing called Life

 Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life
"Let's Go Crazy", Prince

I will admit it: I am still sad about the passing of Prince. The media is still going crazy.  The more I learn about him, the more it affects me.  He was just a few years older then me, but he accomplished ten times more in his lifetime. And it appears that he really embraced life!

I heard on a news program that he had composed at least one song a day and kept oodles of unpublished manuscripts in a locked safe.  He was only five foot two, but apparently quite the basketball player.

Geez, what are my excuses?  What will I leave behind?  No, we are not all superstars, or musical "geniuses".  But I am a musician. Pretty decent. Above average at sight reading.  But I have merely dabbled in composition.

I like to write, but I just blog away. Why not publish a book?

I keep talking about that marathon I am going to run...sometime in the future when I lose weight so as not to damage my knees.

Why is it so many of us struggle just to survive while some thrive and soar above? And then leave amazing legacies?

Many musicians struggled during their lifetimes and then their music was discovered postmortem.  But Prince seemed to have it all!

Was he really living the dream?  I suppose there will books about his life, especially since he left us so soon.

I am feeling a bit down today.  Tired.  Performances and giving student recitals give me a high at the time, but then there is the inevitable crash.

My student recital last night was the best ever. I say that every time. But seriously. This was the best. Ever!

Here is what I posted on my Facebook last night when I got home:

Just got home from my spring piano student recital. Over 50 students played. All with FEELING! I cannot describe how I felt sitting there listening to beautiful music come from the fingers of all these people. My studnets. Ages 6 to 72. It was like they were communicating musically from their souls. I had goosebumps. This is why i teach. In case I ever get weary, I will come back to this post.
Even better, after the recital I had bags and bags of leftover treats. Many of my students know I am gluten free, bless their hearts! smile emoticon And now my adult children are too. I was bringing some home treats to share. But I also had a huge platter of non gluten free cookies. It was hard to carry it all. I had even left some for the staff at the music center. I hate to waste....
When I got on the bus, I noticed a man in the front who looked very tired. His clothes were torn and dirty. The bus was quite full, so I did not want to assume he was homeless or hungry.
So, I just sat down and bellowed, "Anyone want some cookies....?" I was going to explain that I was a piano teacher and they were leftovers from a recital, but I did not get that far. The tired man in front instantly sat up and put out both hands.
"Me! Oh, thank you. I am so hungry!"
I tried to tell him that eating was not allowed on the bus (I learned that the embarrassing way a while back), but he had torn off the lid and had a cookie in each hand, munching away. A look of extreme bliss on his face. He gave me a crooked grin.
Next thing I knew he was offering cookies to people all around him.
An elderly man came up to me and said, "That was a very kind thing you just did. Most people will not even look them in the eye."
If i died right now, I would be complete. And happy. I am so filled with love. For my students, for music, for this life God has given me. And for seeing humanity on a city bus.

I do love teaching, but it does sometimes make me weary.  How can I motivate others, when I often have trouble getting out of bed? But I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

And then recitals happen. And I am inspired all over again.  After my second recital of the evening last night, I told the crowd,

"It just occurred to me, sitting up here on stage with my students, that some of my best moments in life have been on this stage. I am so blessed to have your children as my students. Thank you."

Words cannot come even close to what I felt. The pride, the joy, the love...

I think God did put teaching in my path. It humbles me greatly at times. But in the end, I am so grateful to be instrumental in bringing the music out of these lovely souls.

I am blabbering now when I should go to the gym. But I had to write about this while it was still fresh in my mind.

Happy Monday!


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